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Teen Writing Group 

Teen Writing Group is always lots of fun because you get to talk to other people writing stories like you. We had a prompt at the beginning of the meeting about the location on your GPS changing and there was someone there waiting for you. No one has the exact same style of writing so it was cool seeing how our minds would take this. Somehow we ended up with a few Doctor Who references, but as they say great minds think alike. After that we got to work. Heather passed out character charts for us to develop our characters. All in all, it was a great meeting. Hope you come to the next one!

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Lord Hafafafafafafah (Part I)

(Editor’s Note: The following is the beginning of a story started during the November meeting of Teen Writing Group. Much hilarity ensued, and Teen Writing Group was never the same again. Join the writing madness every second Wednesday from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. Anyone in middle school or high school is welcome. Now, back to the story…)


Once upon a time, there was an unicorn, and his name was Sprite (don’t question my naming-skills, okay?). Anywho, there’s also this land, far, far, away, which was once called the Fluffy Cloud Island. All things good changed when the land was overrun by the dictator of Lord Hafafafafafafah. (Again, don’t question my naming skills. I’m thinking of these at the top of my head right now. Don’t judge.)

Anyway, let’s start at the beginning of the story: who is Lord Hafafafafafafah (Lord H for short, because it sounds ridiculous for such an evil person) and how has he become this dictator?

Lord H was actually Cupid Hafafafafafafah, from the royal line of Hafahs. Cupid Hafah was the first man in the family, and his heir was Cupid Hafafah, and HIS heir was Cupid Hafafafah, and so on and so forth. So if you count all the “fa” in his Lord H’s name (which if you did, you need to find something better to do with your life), you would know that he is the sixth in his line.

Lord H was a cute little thing when he was born. Tiny, pure, squawking like a chicken out of its coop. You know, baby stuff. You’d think that such an innocent child wouldn’t commit such atrocious acts, but he did, reader. Oh, he DID.

As a child, he was pampered. His father was the High Lord, which is one step down from the King. Unlike most of the lords in the government (well, *ahem*, “government”), his father, Cupid Hafafafafafah was a kind man. He believed in forgiveness and second-chances. However, the rest of the government’s view was, unfortunately, different. They found that the High Lord’s kindness was a weakness when it came to ruling the Fluffy Cloud Island. One day, they decided they had ENOUGH with his forgiveness bull-crap and ended his life.

So yeah. It was pretty bad for the unicorns, especially Sprite. You see, Sprite knew the High Lord like a bear knows honey. They were besties, ya hear me? Sprite found the High Lord lying on the cold hard ground of the forest of rocks and heard his last words.

“You *wheez* need to *cough cough* tell my *choke* family the WiFi *cough hack* password.”

If you don’t know what WiFi is, it’s the Wizard Files where it has the names and information of all the people of the land. It also has a handy dandy booklet called How to be the High Lord 101, just in case something tragic happened and the High Lord isn’t there to mentor his heir. (Side note: the booklet was made after Lord Hafafafah was killed by a stampede of angry dragons for calling one of them a hoarder).

Sprite raced to the Hafah’s household and knocked on the door.

(to be continued)

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NaNoWriMo Week 1 Wrap-Up!

We’re officially ten days into the month, which means if you should have somewhere between 15,000 and 16,667 words.

draco colapse

I don’t know about you guys, but I made a mistake in not doing my chapter outlines before I started working on my story. I’m now working on my outlines as I’m writing, which is turning out fine, but I’m finding that I need to stretch my story out over more words. I don’t know exactly how far I am in my story, but I’m further along than I should be…

I am really enjoying this, though. I’m writing way more than I usually do, of course, but I’ve done better at managing my time to fit this into my schedule, too. It’s all because of to-do lists. Seriously, if you don’t do a daily to-do list, I suggest changing that, because they’ve saved my life on occasion.

Should you be curious, I’m not using Word to write my story. Instead, I’m using 750words.com, which I’ve found is great for NaNo. 750words is a site where you’re supposed to write 750 words a day, and during November is great for taking NaNo a day at a time. What’s really cool too is it’ll give you statistics about what you’ve written — the emotions its centered on, whether or not it’s intro/extroverted, whether you’re positive or negative, and so on. It also gives a list of the words you use most often and just cool things to look at in general. Then when I’m done on 750words, I copy and paste everything in a google doc so I can access it on all of my devices.

Now let’s look at some of the best of my Facebook and Twitter posts regarding NaNo so far:





This week has been really fun so far, and even if I get distracted sometimes (okay, a lot of times, but it’s hard to work on NaNo when your friends are joking around), it’s still a lot of fun to do. And I’m proud of my story so far, even if I didn’t start planning it out until October 31… I think it has great potential, and I’m hoping at some point to publish it.

Piece of advice to NaNo writers this week: take a break every twenty minutes or so. Walk around, shake out your wrists, maybe do a dance. Trust me; your body will thank you.

Well, that’s all for now! Good luck, and happy writing!

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NaNoWriMo is Starting and I’m Not Prepared

i can't tell if scared or excited but i'm dying

(Screaming in the distance)

How ready are you for the start of the most chaotic month for writers? I’m not ready at all! All this talk about Halloween and adjusting to dorm life and I completely forgot that NaNo was a thing until this morning.

Here’s the calendar for this year:


(click to enlarge)

Basically you should write 1667 words a day, which doesn’t sound like much until you have to actually write it.
Then it’s awful.

brb dying

I plan on being more dedicated this year but I’m not sure how possible that is with finals coming up at the start of December. Also I feel like NaNo makes the month go by even faster than it already does, and then before I know it, it’s Christmas time (although as far as my roommate and I are concerned, Christmas time starts November 1, since if we wait until after Thanksgiving, we won’t have long to appreciate our cute dorm decorations)! Maybe I’ll try to do weekly wrap-ups regarding NaNo, and I’ll watch progress videos for Booktubers to keep me inspired.

I don’t really know; I’m anticipating a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. And less sleep. Thank the lord we get an extra hour of the day. Use that hour to write!

Break time

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Nim’s Journal: Camp NaNoWriMo Week 4

I’VE CROSSED THE 10,000 WORD LINE (AKA my goal)!!!!!!!!!!!




There are no words to explain how excited and relieved I am! Even though my novel’s faaar from finished (seriously, far x10000000), it feels good to meet your goal at the end of the month.

self satisfied

But I do have a favor to ask you guys. I need your help on fancasting. Here are my characters’ physical attributes:

  • Adelaide Mills: Brunette w/ brown eyes
  • Adam Maxwell: Blond w/ blue eyes
  • Joanna Wakesford: Redhead with hazel eyes

Is it obvious on whom I used in my head for Ad and Adam?

Anyways, I really need your help. I did have a few ideas for Adelaide (mainly Hayley Atwell or Amy Acker) but I seriously can’t cast anyone for the life of me. So can you guys help me? Pleaaase?





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Nim’s Journal: Camp NaNoWriMo Week 3

IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! Sorry, hi! It’s Nim here! Sorry for the super late post (Nim, try 1 day), STAAR is an absolute killer.

my poor bby<———- Did you mean all the 8th graders in my school? (Yeah, we stumble around as if we got tortured in Afghanistan. Call me dramatic, but nobody likes the STAAR. Nobody.[Pardon my terrible sense of humor])

I’m officially 75% of the way through Camp, and I’ve verified my writing too! My story just got into the nitty-gritty details. If you are wondering where I am in the story, my characters are about to fly to Cabo San Lucas to get away from assassins. Yup, super hardcore writer over here (woot woot)!

So, how’s your story going? Aren’t you excited to be reaching the finish line? I know I am. 😉

bby laugh




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Quick Briefing: Future Events for March and April

Hi guys! It’s Nim here, your friendly neighborhood blog manager! In order to keep this blog active and to alert you guys of events coming up at the library, I (or the future blog manager *le sniffs*) will be posting upcoming events for the next two months right after the TAG meeting. So here we go!



  • Random Fandom (March 12) Divergent
  • Teen Writing Group (March 18)
  • TAG (March 25)


  • Teen Writing Group (April 8)
  • Random Fandom (April 9) High School Musical
  • International Tabletop Day (April 11)
  • TAG (April 22)

So for quick clarification, Random Fandom is where we TAGgers choose a fandom by random (ha) and we host an event with all types of games and food for that beloved fandom. Teen Writing Group is a monthly meeting where writers come together to hone their writing skillz. International Tabletop Day is where we play games! (Super fun) TAG is where you, teens, get to help influence and develop your society (naaahhh, more like your library ;D)!!!



Nim 💛💙💜💚❤️


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Scary Story Contest Winners (Updated)

After a lot of deliberation, the Teen Advisory Group has selected the winners of the 2014 Scary Story Contest!

Drumroll, please!


Middle School Overall Winner: Addison Smith, “Welcome to the Void”

High School Overall Winner: Desiree Darynieks, “Anastasia”

High School Runner-up: Ryan Moss, “The Mental Picture”

Honorable Mention – Plot: Tiffany Gallagher, “Murder House”

Honorable Mention – Surprise Ending: Dexter Andrews, “Grey Hall”

Below, we have the stories from our overall winners. We will post the winning stories as each winner grants us permission.

UPDATE: Below is the first of our honorable mentions, “Grey Hall” by Dexter Andrews

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NaNoWriMo: Week 3

Hey guys! It’s Nim here, taking over Shelby (who kinda… quit after Day 5). Heather and I have been working on our stories, and our month long journey is almost over (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the end of week 3, and I finally caught up to the “on-par” progress, which I’m super excited about. However, it’s the beginning of week 4, and for me? That starts the slowing of the creative juices, especially when you need to reach that 50,000 word limit. Here’s my profile:


And I officially have only 12,300 words to go!!

Kensibeingadorables (gif not mine)

And no, I’m not publishing my story, because it’s a stupid idea my friend and I came up with and she’s going to be the only one to ever see it. (Though the prologue is on my Wattpad account… oops)

Aaaaaaanywaaaaaaaays, drop a comment in the reply box! I wanna know how your NaNo is going (and whether you think you’re going to be able to hit the 50,000 words, cuz I’m probably gonna go up to 49,999 *sheepish grin*)!!! Keep on writing awesomes!!

(And did anyone go to the NaNo event at our FloMo Library this Saturday? I would’ve, but my parents thought Peruvian Gold was the better choice :/)



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