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Let’s Talk: Books and the Media

Nim here! Since we, at the Flower Mound Public Library Teen Advisory Group, LOVE books (trust me when I say LOVE), obviously we are pretty pumped when books are made into movies. Within the span of one month, we had the release of Fifty Shades Darker (which I have some strong feelings about) to the future release of Before I Fall (which I’m curious about). Since Young Adult books are frequently made into movies, I want to talk about today. And not only are books made into movies, there are occasions when the opposite occurs. What may not be known is that there are some TV shows that have their own novelisations. Let’s take a look at two examples of both sides (four in total):

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Let’s Review: Grimm (TV Show)


If you love fairy tales and fictitious material, then boy is this the show for you! As all of you know (or should know), the Grimm brothers were fairy tale writers. They wrote the original “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” “Rapunzel,” “Cinderella,” and many more stories. These originals are definitely more gory than the fantasized Disney versions. Grimm takes these original fairy tales and twists them even more to make an interesting storyline for the show.

Grimm is centered on Nick Burkhart, a detective. One day at work, he starts to see the faces of people around him change into those of hideous creatures. When his sick aunt comes to visit, she explains to him that he is a part of a long line of family hunters called Grimms. These Grimms hunt Wesan, which are basically creatures that are able to take human form. Most of these Wesan are dangerous but some, like Nick’s good friend Monroe, are friendly. When his aunt dies, the whole responsibility of the Grimm is put on Nick. But can he manage being a detective, a Grimm, and a good boyfriend to his girlfriend, Juliet?

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Let’s Review: Arrow (TV Show)

Arrow TV Series

The TV show Arrow opens with a the main character being found after being lost for 5 years. But before we get there, we need to know some backstory. The main character, Oliver Queen, is a spoiled billionaire. His father invites him to take a ride in his yacht and Oliver agrees. Oliver agrees and decides to take Sara Lance, his girlfriend, Laurel’s, sister with him. As they are in the boat, they experience an unexpected storm and the yacht ends up sinking. Sara is lost in the waves and Oliver has to carry his unconscious father to shore the shore of a deserted island. Only later will they find out that the island has many surprises for them. After encountering many of these dangers, Oliver’s father is injured and ends up dying. Before his death, however, he gives Oliver a little notebook that contains the names of people who have cheated Starling City (their hometown). When Oliver finally gets rescued, after 5 years on the island, he returns to Starling City as a billionaire by day and an avenging vigilante by night. His goal: to save the city that is his home. Can he save his city?

Nim’s Edit: Oooh there’s a big episode tonight. Anyone watching?

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