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Teen Writing Group 

Teen Writing Group is always lots of fun because you get to talk to other people writing stories like you. We had a prompt at the beginning of the meeting about the location on your GPS changing and there was someone there waiting for you. No one has the exact same style of writing so it was cool seeing how our minds would take this. Somehow we ended up with a few Doctor Who references, but as they say great minds think alike. After that we got to work. Heather passed out character charts for us to develop our characters. All in all, it was a great meeting. Hope you come to the next one!

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September at Your Local Library!

To quote the great poet Silento in his memorable ‘poem’ Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae), “You already know who it is.”

help me

Just kidding, it’s your neighborhood TAG president, Nim! Welcome to the new school year of 2016-2017! Hope the first week of school has been treating you well, unlike me. 😛 If your week is going well, I have more good news for you. If your week is not going so well, it’s going to start going well now.



It’s making an appearance after months of hiatus, which I am very sorry about. High school can be rough (so check out the bulletin board in the teen section, and help your fellow teens survive high school!), and I learned that the hard way. Enough about negativity, let’s get to the positive news!!


  • High School Anime: September 3rd from 1-4:30 PM
  • Middle School Anime: September 7th from 4:30-5:30 PM
  • Random Fandom- CRIME SHOWS: September 8th from 4-5:30 PM
  • Gaming Unplugged: September 11th from 2-4 PM
  • Teen Writing Group: September 14th from 4:30-5:30 PM
  • Middle School Book Club: September 19th from 4:30-5:30 PM
  • Bibliomaniacs: September September 21st from 4:30-5:30 PM
  • TAG: September 28th from 4:30-5:30 PM


We do have some new additions to the library programming!

  1. Gaming Unplugged: Come to the libraries every 2nd Sunday of the month to play games!
  2. Middle School Book Club: A book club for middle schoolers/ grades 6-8
  3. Bibliomaniacs: The high school/ grades 9-12 book club! No assignments; just come to talk, rant, and/or fangirl about the book you are currently reading!


That’s it, y’all! Be sure to attend the events [especially Random Fandom. You know I’ll be there sobbing over one particular show. ;)] and say hi to us! We’d love to see y’all there.

Also, comment down below about school and what crime shows you like. Maybe you might meet a fangirl of your show. 😀



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Happy Back to School Day!

Or Not-So-Happy Back to School Day, depending on your POV. The blog is back from its summer hiatus, so we’re starting off with an update of ALL THE THINGS.

taglogoThis Wednesday (8/24), 4:30-5:30

TAG, a.k.a. the Teen Advisory Group. If you’re not already in TAG, you can join at any time, but this Wednesday is the first meeting of the school year, and we’re talking about a lot, so it’s an important one to come to if you’re new. TAG plans Random Fandom every month, and you get volunteer hours if you need them, and all the cool kids will be there, and if you’re reading this, you’re cool and you should be there too. (Did the peer pressure work? Just checking.)

HS anime logoSaturday, September 3, 1-4:30

High School Anime (formerly known as Otaku Kyokai No Flower Mound) is open to freshmen and up. Watch movies, eat snacks, talk about cosplay and cons, geek out… you know, a normal Saturday 🙂 Screenings shown are for older audiences, so sorry, middle schoolers! Check out the next program below:

animedaze logoWednesday, September 7, 4:30-5:30

Watch short episodes of your favorite new and old shows, eat snacks, talk about cosplay and cons, and have fun! New this year, Anime Daze is open to everyone in grades 6-12, so if you feel like hanging out after school and watching anime, come join us!

Random Fandom logoThursday, September 8, 4-5:30

It’s all about the crime shows for September’s RANDOM FANDOM. CSI (and all its spin-offs), NCIS (and all its spin-offs), etc. We don’t know exactly what we’re doing yet, but that’s why you should come to TAG on Wednesday.

gaming unplugged logoSunday, September 11, 2-4

Come play games with us! We’ll have board and card games to choose from, or you can bring one from home with all of your closest friends/enemies to defeat them all in the game of your choice.

TWG logoWednesday, September 14, 4:30-5:30

If you’re an aspiring author, a Wrimo, write fanfic, have a Wattpad, or just post drabbles to your Tumblr, join the Teen Writing Group! We do writing exercises that might make you a better writer, you can get feedback from your fellow writers, and we play storytelling games to squash our inner editors (and it’s possible we may be nerds.) Every meeting, you can enter the door prize to win a free book! (All of the books at the library are free, right, but this one you don’t have to bring back.)

MS Book Club logoMonday, September 19, 4:30-5:30

The book of the month is Holes by Louis Sachar. Pick up your copy from the Youth Services Desk to read before the meeting, and bring it with you to discuss. This book club is only for grades 6-8!

bibliomaniacs logoWednesday, September 21, 4:30-5:30

Bring your favorite book, the book you hate, the book you’re currently reading, or anything you want to talk/rant about! This book club has NO ASSIGNED READING! We’ll fancast our favorite characters and hang out. This book club is only for grades 9-12!

taglogoWednesday, September 28, 4:30-5:30

And then we’re back to TAG to plan the October Random Fandom and talk about the upcoming volunteer opportunities for Haunted Library!

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Quick Briefing: April

Nim’s back with a quick briefing of what we have in the library this month!


Think of the bag as my briefing lol


  • Teen Writing GroupWednesday, April 13th= 4:30-5:30 PM
  • Random Fandom: (DISNEY) Thursday, April 14th= 4-5:30 PM
  • Teen Advisory GroupWednesday, April 27th= 4:30-5:30 PM

We’d love to see you there, so be sure to drop by!! ❤ ❤


You can’t say no to this cutie


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Quick Briefing: March and April

Guess who it is? It’s Nim, back with another agenda of teen programs at your local library! Shall we begin?



  • Get Silly Lock-In: Friday, March 4th= 5-8 PM
  • High School Anime: Saturday, March 5th= 1-4 PM
  • Teen Writing Group: Wednesday, March 9th= 4:30-5:30  PM
  • Random Fandom(BOLLYWOOD) Thursday, March 10th= 4-5:30 PM
  • Teen Advisory GroupWednesday, March 30th= 4:30-5:30 PM


  • High School AnimeSaturday, April 2nd= 1-4 PM
  • Teen Writing GroupWednesday, April 13th= 4:30-5:30 PM
  • Random Fandom: (DISNEY) Thursday, April 14th= 4-5:30 PM
  • Teen Advisory GroupWednesday, April 27th= 4:30-5:30 PM


If you want to come for the Lock-In, YOU NEED A PERMISSION FORM FROM THE LIBRARY!!!! Ask the Youth Desk for more info 😉

Be sure to come guys, we’d love to have you there!!! ❤



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Lord Hafafafafafafah (Part I)

(Editor’s Note: The following is the beginning of a story started during the November meeting of Teen Writing Group. Much hilarity ensued, and Teen Writing Group was never the same again. Join the writing madness every second Wednesday from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. Anyone in middle school or high school is welcome. Now, back to the story…)


Once upon a time, there was an unicorn, and his name was Sprite (don’t question my naming-skills, okay?). Anywho, there’s also this land, far, far, away, which was once called the Fluffy Cloud Island. All things good changed when the land was overrun by the dictator of Lord Hafafafafafafah. (Again, don’t question my naming skills. I’m thinking of these at the top of my head right now. Don’t judge.)

Anyway, let’s start at the beginning of the story: who is Lord Hafafafafafafah (Lord H for short, because it sounds ridiculous for such an evil person) and how has he become this dictator?

Lord H was actually Cupid Hafafafafafafah, from the royal line of Hafahs. Cupid Hafah was the first man in the family, and his heir was Cupid Hafafah, and HIS heir was Cupid Hafafafah, and so on and so forth. So if you count all the “fa” in his Lord H’s name (which if you did, you need to find something better to do with your life), you would know that he is the sixth in his line.

Lord H was a cute little thing when he was born. Tiny, pure, squawking like a chicken out of its coop. You know, baby stuff. You’d think that such an innocent child wouldn’t commit such atrocious acts, but he did, reader. Oh, he DID.

As a child, he was pampered. His father was the High Lord, which is one step down from the King. Unlike most of the lords in the government (well, *ahem*, “government”), his father, Cupid Hafafafafafah was a kind man. He believed in forgiveness and second-chances. However, the rest of the government’s view was, unfortunately, different. They found that the High Lord’s kindness was a weakness when it came to ruling the Fluffy Cloud Island. One day, they decided they had ENOUGH with his forgiveness bull-crap and ended his life.

So yeah. It was pretty bad for the unicorns, especially Sprite. You see, Sprite knew the High Lord like a bear knows honey. They were besties, ya hear me? Sprite found the High Lord lying on the cold hard ground of the forest of rocks and heard his last words.

“You *wheez* need to *cough cough* tell my *choke* family the WiFi *cough hack* password.”

If you don’t know what WiFi is, it’s the Wizard Files where it has the names and information of all the people of the land. It also has a handy dandy booklet called How to be the High Lord 101, just in case something tragic happened and the High Lord isn’t there to mentor his heir. (Side note: the booklet was made after Lord Hafafafah was killed by a stampede of angry dragons for calling one of them a hoarder).

Sprite raced to the Hafah’s household and knocked on the door.

(to be continued)

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:et’s Discuss: Upcoming Events

He-yo, Nim’s back! Sorry for the hiatus, high school is a murderer. ;P I have a few events to point out to y’all, so let’s get started!



Teen Writing Group: November 11th
Doctor Who Random Fandom: November 12th

Teen Writing Group: December 9th
Star Wars Random Fandom: December 10th


In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, we have two major teen programs here at the FMPL: Writing Group and Random Fandom. In Writing Group, we write. Pretty self-explanatory huh? 😉 You get to share your work and develop into a better writer!! In Random Fandom, we host an event dedicated to a fandom. We have games, snacks, and fun stuff all around! These next two RFs are Doctor Who and Star Wars.

And I know there are a lot of you fans lurking around here in Flower Mound, so y’all should totally come to the RFs. They’re a lot of fun. Even if you are not too familiar with the fandoms (like me).

Aaaaaaaand: we will have our annual NaNoWriMo journal posted this year, but instead of me taking the reins, it’ll be our newest TAG member (and writer), Anne Marie! Be sure to join her for that series.

We also have a WHOLE BUNCH of people about to post stuff soon, so y’all better stay tuned to new material on this site!


Thank y’all so much for staying tuned with us through our hiatus, and I promise, you will not regret it. Be sure to bookmark us and keep checking back for updates. And, as always, come say hi to us at the local library!



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La Sesión Informativa de Número 2

AKA “Nim: Don’t-be-so-Spanishy-And-Just-Say-‘Briefing Number 2′”

Alright, your favorite (hehe) Blog Manager is back this month with the next briefing of upcoming events! Let’s do this!!


  • Teen Writing Group- April 8
  • Random Fandom (High School Musical)-April 9
  • International Tabletop Day- April 11
  • TAG- April 22


  • Random Fandom (Pitch Perfect)- May 14
  • Teen Writing Group- May 20
  • TAG- May 27

Here’s a link of the quick recap of the events and shtuff:


IMPORTANT ALERT: TAG is open to all teens 12-18, and we are kinda in need of dudes in our group, so FEEL FREEE TO JOIN OUR GROUP OF DORKS!

Thanks guys and be sure to join us at these upcoming events!

Gif not miiiiiine


💙 Nim 💙



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Quick Briefing: Future Events for March and April

Hi guys! It’s Nim here, your friendly neighborhood blog manager! In order to keep this blog active and to alert you guys of events coming up at the library, I (or the future blog manager *le sniffs*) will be posting upcoming events for the next two months right after the TAG meeting. So here we go!



  • Random Fandom (March 12) Divergent
  • Teen Writing Group (March 18)
  • TAG (March 25)


  • Teen Writing Group (April 8)
  • Random Fandom (April 9) High School Musical
  • International Tabletop Day (April 11)
  • TAG (April 22)

So for quick clarification, Random Fandom is where we TAGgers choose a fandom by random (ha) and we host an event with all types of games and food for that beloved fandom. Teen Writing Group is a monthly meeting where writers come together to hone their writing skillz. International Tabletop Day is where we play games! (Super fun) TAG is where you, teens, get to help influence and develop your society (naaahhh, more like your library ;D)!!!



Nim 💛💙💜💚❤️


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I’m a NaNoWriMo Loser :sad face:

srs sads

So if you’re like me (or Shelby), you did not finish NaNoWriMo this year. Maybe life got in the way. Maybe your story sucked — mine sure did. Whatever the multitude of possible reasons for not finishing this year, congratulate yourself just for participating. Give yourself a pat on the back, or find a friend and have them do it. They might look at you a little weird, but you deserve it!

You may be wondering what to do with that unfinished story. The obvious answer is to finish it, of course. You might be saying, “But Heather, it was awful. The writing was terrible, the plot was boring, and my own characters irritated me!” To that, I say join the club! Then, figure out what it was about your story that you liked, keep those parts, and ditch the rest. There’s no time limit now, so you can really put quality work into it. Or, if you’re like me and had abandoned what you were already working on to do NaNoWriMo, put your story on the back burner for a while. Write the one you’re excited about right now!

Camp NaNoWriMo is in April, and there’s another in June, if you like having a community of writers supporting you, but there’s really no need to wait that long! On the third Wednesday of every month from 4:30 to 5:30, join the meeting of the Teen Writing Group for anyone in grades 6-12. We talk about what we’re working on, we have writing exercises, and we even play storytelling games!


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