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Let’s Review: Vampire Academy Short Stories

If you have not already read the Vampire Academy series there may be some spoilers below.

This post is a review for the two short stories in the Vampire Academy series, The Meeting and Homecoming.


❥Storyline: The Meeting is a retelling of a scene from the first book of the Vampire Academy series, as told from Dimitri’s point of view.

❥Opinion: This was a very very very short piece, but it was great to hear things from Dimitri’s point of view for once! I loved getting to find out exactly what he was thinking when he first set eyes on Rose. Just having the opportunity to be inside Dimitri’s mind was amazing! Reading this makes me wish that Richelle had alternated the POVs of the series between Dimitri and Rose!

❥My favorite quote: “She might be unarmed, but Rose Hathaway was in possession of many weapons.”

❥Rating ★★★★½


❥Storyline: Homecoming starts off immediately after Last Sacrifice where Rose and Dimitri are going back to Russia to see Dimitri’s family, something that both of them deeply need. Dimitri has finally been restored into a dhampir, after being forcibly changed into strigoi. His family desperately needs to see him for themselves, and Rose needs to go back to Russia and face her trauma from the trip she made before.

❥Opinion: It has been a while since I read the Vampire Academy series for the first time, but when I heard about this story I knew I couldn’t wait to read it. Homecoming was cute, in the way that most things involving Rose and Dimitri are. It gives the reader another glimpse into the life that Rose and Dimitri share after Last Sacrifice (with more detail about the two of them than we are given in the Bloodlines series). But if you are looking for anything “new” in this short story then you’ll be disappointed; I was expecting more out of it. However, it was just a short story about a new strigoi killing adventure involving Rose and Dimitri. There are no new problems that the couple must face or anything else like that, but really you can’t really expect much from a 40 page story. This story really is just a conclusion to the original series. But I am glad that I took the half hour to read this add-on to Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy, with a rather emotional end to Rose and Dimitri.

❥Rating ★★★½

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