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Welcome to Night Vale: a novel by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor came out in October 2015, and the podcast has been running since 2012. Here is a post with 10 differences on the Flower Mound Public Library with Night Vale Public Library.

  1. The only thing you need to bring is your library card, and maybe a bag or two. Not body bags, book bags.
  2. Librarians can, in fact, see the color blue. Sure, it’s only an urban myth in Night Vale, but we do know for fact that the librarians can see the color blue. They might not be able to see orange, though.
  3. There is not a map of the library, but it’s fairly obvious where each item is. You would not need a map or have to find out which of the maps you have are forgeries. There is even a system to how the books are organized.
  4. Everything will, in fact, be fine. Nothing bad is going to happen. No librarians who creep up and try to attack you. No man-eating books. No children-eating books. No people-eating books. Everything will be fine.
  5. The library will not be empty. There will usually always be a librarian around and even people, too. The librarians will be right where you can watch them.
  6. The bulletin board has events that are happening in the library. They are all new and happening that month. Also the Sheriff’s Secret Police will not report you or even observe you and take you to be interrogated for going to one of these events.
  7. The library is very well lit. No librarians can sneak up to you in the shadows since there are none. They usually lure you to them by implanting a question into your brain.
  8. There are no child statues that are in pain. The statue is happy. So happy. So terribly happy.
  9. The summer reading program is not dangerous. We don’t give out librarian heads as trophies and  everyone survives. Some even get to stay longer locked up in the library.
  10. There is no fountain in the library. That would be dangerous. Someone may drown or get stuck in it. Even worse the books would get wet.

A few more are: The librarians will not attack you. You will not find teeth scattered on the ground. The reading areas are safe. They do not have records of your life details. People don’t just visit because there are no options left.

If there is any I forgot to mention leave a comment below. Another thing you can leave a comment about is if you want to see a Welcome to Night Vale Random Fandom! Bye guys!


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