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Unplugged – Games We Love

This is the first post in a new series that will review the games we have here at the library, give you the instructions, and if there’s a great video online, we’ll link to that too, all so you can be ready to play when you get here.

Before I dive into the first game, you should know that we have two big gaming days every year. The first is for International Games Day @ Your Library, held on Saturday, November 21.


I don’t have all of the specifics yet, but the games generally run all day, so grab your friends and come on by! Last year Boomerang Comics brought us a ton of games for people to play, so whether you’re just getting into this whole tabletop scene or you’re a hardcore player, there’s something for everyone.

Our second big event is International Tabletop Day!internationaltabletopday

The date for this one hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s on a Saturday around the end of March, beginning of April. Just like with International Games Day @ Your Library, if you game on International Tabletop Day, you’ll be joined by millions* of people all over the world doing the same thing you are, playing games!

*I don’t actually know that there’s millions, but there are events on all seven continents. Yes, seven. Even Antarctica. The scientists at Palmer Station, Antarctica, a research station managed by the National Science Foundation, were playing games on Tabletop Day. If they can, you can!

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