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Quick Briefing: March and April

Guess who it is? It’s Nim, back with another agenda of teen programs at your local library! Shall we begin?



  • Get Silly Lock-In: Friday, March 4th= 5-8 PM
  • High School Anime: Saturday, March 5th= 1-4 PM
  • Teen Writing Group: Wednesday, March 9th= 4:30-5:30  PM
  • Random Fandom(BOLLYWOOD) Thursday, March 10th= 4-5:30 PM
  • Teen Advisory GroupWednesday, March 30th= 4:30-5:30 PM


  • High School AnimeSaturday, April 2nd= 1-4 PM
  • Teen Writing GroupWednesday, April 13th= 4:30-5:30 PM
  • Random Fandom: (DISNEY) Thursday, April 14th= 4-5:30 PM
  • Teen Advisory GroupWednesday, April 27th= 4:30-5:30 PM


If you want to come for the Lock-In, YOU NEED A PERMISSION FORM FROM THE LIBRARY!!!! Ask the Youth Desk for more info 😉

Be sure to come guys, we’d love to have you there!!! ❤



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Nim’s Journal: Camp NaNo Week 2

Hi guys, it’s Nim again! Just a quick check-in with you guys!How’s your writing going?

Somehow, I’ve been able to keep up with the word count in the midst of a State Math Competition (wow such a nerd), multiple tests and papers (ugh), and a fandom war (ew). We’re halfway through (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but the problem for me is that I’m barely on chapter 4… oops?


Anyways, my main point is: How is the writing? Have the juices stopped? Here’s some quick advice: Procrastinate and find mood music or create a board on Pinterest. That’s what I do when I get bored of writing. Feel free to drop by the comment box and leave a quick note for us! Once again, I’m nimishaas on Camp, so come say “Hi” to me!!



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