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Unplugged: Love Letter

The library has a variety of games to play and one of my favorites is Love Letter. This game was designed by Seiji Kanai and has pretty simple rules to follow.  There are eight kinds of Love letter but the one we have is the Tempest edition.

In this game you are trying to woo the heart of Princess Annette, but after her mother’s death she has locked herself in the palace and your only way of giving her your love letter is through others in the palace. To play, there is a set of 16 cards, each representing a different person in the castle. Only one card is in  your hand when it is not your turn, and that is who has your love letter. In order to win a token of the princess’s affection, you need to have the person closest to her with your love letter. Simple, right? Except each card does something different when discarded.

To know more, click here for the complete rules or go play the game yourself at the library on April 30 for International Tabletop Day.



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Unplugged – Games We Love

This is the first post in a new series that will review the games we have here at the library, give you the instructions, and if there’s a great video online, we’ll link to that too, all so you can be ready to play when you get here.

Before I dive into the first game, you should know that we have two big gaming days every year. The first is for International Games Day @ Your Library, held on Saturday, November 21.


I don’t have all of the specifics yet, but the games generally run all day, so grab your friends and come on by! Last year Boomerang Comics brought us a ton of games for people to play, so whether you’re just getting into this whole tabletop scene or you’re a hardcore player, there’s something for everyone.

Our second big event is International Tabletop Day!internationaltabletopday

The date for this one hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s on a Saturday around the end of March, beginning of April. Just like with International Games Day @ Your Library, if you game on International Tabletop Day, you’ll be joined by millions* of people all over the world doing the same thing you are, playing games!

*I don’t actually know that there’s millions, but there are events on all seven continents. Yes, seven. Even Antarctica. The scientists at Palmer Station, Antarctica, a research station managed by the National Science Foundation, were playing games on Tabletop Day. If they can, you can!

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