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Nim’s Journal: Camp NaNoWriMo Week 4

I’VE CROSSED THE 10,000 WORD LINE (AKA my goal)!!!!!!!!!!!




There are no words to explain how excited and relieved I am! Even though my novel’s faaar from finished (seriously, far x10000000), it feels good to meet your goal at the end of the month.

self satisfied

But I do have a favor to ask you guys. I need your help on fancasting. Here are my characters’ physical attributes:

  • Adelaide Mills: Brunette w/ brown eyes
  • Adam Maxwell: Blond w/ blue eyes
  • Joanna Wakesford: Redhead with hazel eyes

Is it obvious on whom I used in my head for Ad and Adam?

Anyways, I really need your help. I did have a few ideas for Adelaide (mainly Hayley Atwell or Amy Acker) but I seriously can’t cast anyone for the life of me. So can you guys help me? Pleaaase?





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