Thank You, FMPL

Recently, I won the Prudential Spirit of Community Award for Texas and the President’s Volunteer Service Award for my work at the Flower Mound Public Library with TAG, so I thought it would be appropriate to write a “thank you” note to the place that has greatly impacted my life. Beware: It’s super sappy.

Dear FMPL,

Thank you. You took an awkward adolescent who wanted to fit in after one of the worst years of her life and molded her into someone she thought she could only find in a book.

When I was young, the library was the center of my world every summer. I would shuttle between Flower Mound and Lewisville, checking out 20 books weekly at each library, pursuing the final book log and every single prize I could accumulate. I would eagerly wait each week for that time when I could waltz around the children’s area every Wednesday.

Then, the library transformed into home. Seventh grade started shaky for me. Sixth grade was awful. I believed middle school books too much and tried to act all sarcastic and apathetic like every single character in the books I read, hoping for friends and popularity. Instead, my grades tanked, my popularity plummeted, and I was abandoned by everyone, except my dear best friend. When fall 2013 rolled around, I was determined to shake off the dust and become the best person I could be. But… how could I do that?

Enter the Teen Advisory Group. Mom had been scrolling through Facebook (what else?), and had stumbled across an ad for new “minions” for TAG. She signed me up and kicked me through the library doors (okay, not really, but you get the point), encouraging me to make new friends. My first TAG meeting is something I’d like to forget forever. I was deathly shy, not speaking at all, and sprinting once the meeting was adjourned. However, I kept coming back and slowly opened up. Before I knew it, I was close friends with the 4 high schoolers in the group, and had finally found a place I was wanted.

But that’s not where the story ends, nosiree! My freshman year of high school was the first year of my presidency, and this is when I became the most dedicated to TAG. Now, I could volunteer during summer, and I spent the majority of the hot Texas days inside the cool, AC-controlled library. By spending so much time, I was well acquainted with the youth area and the teen corner. So when Heather asked who all were interested in a design committee for the new teen wing, I jumped on it. Since then, I haven’t looked back and TAG has helped me develop a voice to fight for something I believe in.

The story is nowhere near the end, but a temporary bookmark is placed here. Without you, Flower Mound Public Library, I would never be the person I am today, someone who is passionate, organized, and incredibly dedicated to what she believes in.

With all my heart,


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