Let’s Review: Warcross by Marie Lu

By Jessica
Teen Advisory Group member

Wow, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a review! Maybe it’s because I haven’t had the time to read (yay for junior year).

However, I finally had the opportunity to crack open a book and read with little interruptions during winter break, and let me tell you: THAT ISH FEELS GOOD.

Image result for stranger things yes gif

Sorry, my inner book nerd is coming out.

Before I start gushing about this book, let’s marvel at its beautiful cover.

Related image

Ok, I’ll stop drooling.

Warcross follows a bounty hunter and hacker named Emika Chen. The story is in the first person perspective, so you get insight of Emi’s thoughts and feelings. There is this elusive billionaire named Hideo Tanaka, who invented a pair of glasses and program that makes AR seamless, when he was 13 (he’s 21 at the start of the story). Basically, when you put on those pair of glasses, you can’t tell you’re in an artificial reality because it’s that good. The program/game, called Warcross, became part of everyday life. Since the game is so popular, they hold world championships, and Emi glitched into the first round. Rather than get arrested, Hideo calls her over to Tokyo to fix a security problem he’s been noticing. While investigating, Emika begins to realize that not everything is exactly what it seems.

I can’t say much about the story without spoiling something but it’s action-packed and will keep you at the edge of your seat (or wherever you normally read).

The story reflected on the technological advances we make today and if there was a product that became part of everyday life, what effects it would have on people and the world. It was a bit frightening to read about a product and game that is connected to everything. It’s like that saying “once it’s on the internet, it will forever be there” or something like that. Once you do something while logged on to Warcross, hackers like Emika could access it if they tried. It raises the questions of internet safety and how far is too far when it comes to technology.

One thing I’ve noticed about the book is that there is finally an Asian main character. You do not know how happy I am to finally find a main character that is not American or European. Actually, there are two. Emika Chen (exact ethnicity is not known) and Hideo Tanaka (who I believe is half Japanese and half European). Most of the time, Asian characters are side characters, if there is an Asian character at all. It’s nice to have an Asian as a main character for a change.

All in all, I really enjoyed the story. It was fast. It was fun. And it makes you think. What more can you ask in a book?

If you like YA sci-fi that focuses more on the aspect of technology, or if you like fast-paced mysteries, then you are definitely going to love Warcross!

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