Let’s Discuss: Is The Library Important?

By Nim
Teen Advisory Group President

(Spoiler Alert: Yes it is.)

Nim again and this time, I’m not in a good mood.


The best way to explain it is with a good old storytime. So gather around boys and girls, Nim’s about to rant!


It’s a normal Friday night, and your local library nerd is on Tumblr (of course) and scrolling through her dashboard while praying for her hockey team. As the posts fly up the screen, she sees a long set of tweets that catches her attention. Her eyes begin to scan the page and her blood begins to boil until she can no longer see anything but a bright shade of crimson red. (See the post here)

If you did click that link, hopefully you were enraged as well. If you didn’t, here’s the one tweet that sums up all my frustration:


So yeah. I’m angry. Without any hesitation, I reblogged the post and added my own commentary to it (which was 100% not the nicest things I’ve ever said). But that also inspired me to write something about it. Therefore, here I am ready to discuss this issue with y’all.

All I’m gonna do is use 3 pieces of evidence to support my argument. From there, it’s your decision to make (can you tell I wrote a rhetorical analysis essay today?).

  1. The library is more than a place to hold books
  2. The library serves a wide range of people
  3. The library really helps teenagers stay away from risky behavior

Now that you’ve read my points, y’all are probably like


especially at my last bullet. Hear me out, I think I have a pretty good argument on my hands.

1) The library is more than a place to hold books

I feel like the biggest misconception is that libraries are only warehouses of books, nothing more and nothing less. That could not be farther from the truth. The Flower Mound Public Library has a variety of areas, from books to movies to computers to magazines. We also have our own program room which holds different events for young babies all the way to senior citizens. We also have some of the best staff ever; these amazing people are always ready to help us and are so lovely to work with.

2) The library serves a wide range of people

Kinda repetitive but it is true. We have programs for babies, kids, teens, adults, and senior citizens. Don’t believe me? Babies have “Babypalooza” where they develop their fine motor skills and interact with others. Kids have the Haunted Library, a Middle School Book Club, Anime Club, and the Summer Reading Club events. Teens have a plethora of events, such as Random Fandom, Bibliomaniacs, TAG, and Teen Writing Group. Along with those events, the library offers VolunTEENS as well. Adults have various programs that pop-up, such as talks about insurance, discussions about historical events, book club, photography, and much more. Senior Citizens also gain a lot from the library, as there are seminars held to give them more information for whatever their next step is. To top it all, the library encourages diversity and acceptance for everyone, making it one of the most inclusive spots in our town.

3) The library really helps teenagers stay away from risky behavior

Now this is a sensitive topic. Here in Flower Mound, it’s too easy to get involved with the bad crowd. Whether you’re at the FloMo or Marcus campus, it shouldn’t be like this. But there is an alternative for kids! Yes, it’s the library. Just curious, but have you guys ever noticed the abundance of teen programs we have. Whether they are fun stuff at the library or a program based on volunteering for community service hours, the library offers teens a place to get away from the stress surrounding us. I like to think that we have an incredibly positive and inclusive atmosphere, so please come visit our programs! You never know, you might just find a new group of friends here. 😉


Ok, I’m stepping off the soapbox now. I just saw the thread of tweets and my blood started to boil. But I am curious, how has the library impacted you?



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2 responses to “Let’s Discuss: Is The Library Important?

  1. ashleythebookwormgoddess

    Nim, thank you for responding to something like that! I am just as mad as you.

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