Let’s Review: The Crucible

By Nim
Teen Advisory Group President


I’m back! It’s time for another edition of “AP English III Novel Reviews”, with your host, Nim! Let’s get started.



Reverend Parris is in a conundrum. He caught his daughter, Betty, and his niece, Abigail, dancing in the forest with their friends while his servant, Tituba, was chanting over a fire. This left Betty in a coma/sleep. Abigail claims that nothing happened, the girls were just dancing, but Parris needs something to protect his power and not cause his downfall. Rumors of witchcraft are spreading, but Parris is in denial. Enter Reverend Hale, who is the expert in witchcraft. The hypothesis of witchcraft begins to gain steam, and enter John Proctor. Tensions are rising, and Abigail tries to re-seduce Proctor. It is then revealed that Abigail asked Tituba to curse Proctor’s wife, Elizabeth, into dying. Tituba confesses, and Betty miraculously wakes up and begins to call out “witches”. To add to the hysteria, Abigail joins in. One of the “witches” is Elizabeth, and she is arrested after Abigail pulls out a needle from her belly, similar to the doll Mary Warren (the Proctor’s servant) gives to Elizabeth. It is then Proctor realizes that Abigail is trying to get rid of his wife to replace her. Proctor drags Mary Warren to prove Elizabeth’s innocence, but Abigail scares her with false claims of witchcraft, and Proctor is instead arrested, accused of consorting with the Devil. Months pass, and Elizabeth has not been killed, as she is pregnant. Proctor confesses but redacts it after realizing that he would be used as a scapegoat. The play ends with Proctor’s execution.


John Proctor causes a lot of people to die because he couldn’t contain himself.


I love this play so much. Not only does it include many real people and situations, it’s a high school drama set in the real world, but with death. Even though most characters (ex: Abigal, Proctor, Parris) annoyed me to no end, it was a delight to watch the play unfold and realize the true cause of the drama. This is definitely one of the best novels we’ve had to read for English.

That’s all I’ve got. School is really ripping into me, but this play was really fun to analyze in class. Let me know what you think, and what y’all have read for English so far!



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