Let’s Review: Ghosts of the Titanic

By the president of the Teen Advisory Group:

I’m back with my first book in almost two years (yikes lol)!


Surprise! Now I’m adding Stars gifs to all my posts! 😉

It’s a historical fiction (with no romance, shocker!) called, Ghosts of the Titanic.


That’s one frightening cover lol

Let’s begin!


7th grader Kevin Messenger just wants to hang out with his friends and swim. But being the son of a dad who really, really wants him to continue the Messenger Soccer Legacy, Kevin is forced to give up his passion for swimming and play soccer instead. Life is decent, until his dad inherits property in Halifax, Nova Scotia from one Angus Seaton. During the summer, Kevin discovers that Seaton was part of the crew on the Mackay-Bennett, or the ship that “rescued” the dead bodies from the Titanic. As the Messengers clean out their new property, Kevin begins to see visions of a dead girl asking for “Michael”. Who is Michael? Who is the ghost? What skeletons does Angus Seaton have in his closet? And how did Kevin’s dad inherit this creepy old house?


First off, I am a sucker for books about the Titanic. I find all the logistics about the construction and “unsinkability” of the ship and how not true it was incredibly fascinating. So when I was perusing through my personal book collection and found this, I was very offended at myself for not having read this before. After reading the novel, I can understand why I hadn’t picked it up before.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the book. However, I probably got this book when I was much younger (probably 10/11-ish), and I would have gotten majorly confused. The major problem was that Angus’ chapters was a bit disjointed. For example, he mentioned a Sarah as his fiance in one chapter, and then the next time we see him, he’s married to a Lucy. Though it is explained what happened to Sarah, it’s a bit of a shocker at first. Also, the transitions between Angus and Kevin are a bit weird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a book where if characters rotate point of views, it’s not every other chapter. It felt like every 3 chapters.

I really liked the book. There was a healthy dosage of paranormal activity along with historical references to satisfy those who really enjoy books about the Titanic. (Sorry not sorry, but I totally thought of this young chap


Look at that young cow

when it mentioned that Kevin lived in Victoria, BC!) Also, yay Canada!!!!

So, check this book out, and tell me what you think!


Don’t worry, my LA gifs will always be here 😉



My new fancy schmancy graphic!



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