Let’s Talk: Books and the Media

Nim here! Since we, at the Flower Mound Public Library Teen Advisory Group, LOVE books (trust me when I say LOVE), obviously we are pretty pumped when books are made into movies. Within the span of one month, we had the release of Fifty Shades Darker (which I have some strong feelings about) to the future release of Before I Fall (which I’m curious about). Since Young Adult books are frequently made into movies, I want to talk about today. And not only are books made into movies, there are occasions when the opposite occurs. What may not be known is that there are some TV shows that have their own novelisations. Let’s take a look at two examples of both sides (four in total):


Ex 1) Harry Potter

We all know and love the Harry Potter series, whether it be movies or book versions. I’m pretty sure that I speak for a majority of people who strongly believe that the movies did do the books justice, mostly (See

for examples of major mistakes). No matter the mistakes, the Harry Potter fandom will always back up their movies and books (with The Cursed Child being a hot-topic for debate).

Ex 2) Percy Jackson

Now we have the Percy Jackson movies. Oh boy. Those movies were littered with mistakes and follies. I’m pretty sure that if I went through them all, this post would be miles long (ok, that’s a hyperbole, but I’m just using my English II skillz ;D). Let me show one huge example of a mistake:


Now here’s a movie series that follows the saying “Don’t judge a book by its movie” perfectly. I’m serious, don’t judge the Percy Jackson books by the movies.


Although there are a variety of other movies that could fall under the Harry Potter category or the Percy Jackson category, these two are the biggest examples off the top of my head to look at.



Ex 1) Doctor Who

Now, I may not know a lot about this fandom like some people, but I did find this interesting. The first novelisation was published in 1965; which is a super-duper long time ago. Take a look at this!


I find it incredibly fascinating that Doctor Who was so popular, it was made into a novel in the 60s itself. That really accounts for how popular the series is and how well it resonated with its audience.


Now here’s my fandom. My biggest problem with media being made into books is how the authors focus on the characters. Admittedly, for each fangirl in the fandom, they are more preoccupied with a different character. But writing a novel about a crime show can be tricky, as authors are more likely to focus on the crime than the characters. Take this book:


A major complaint was that it was too-plot based. And I can understand that. I think that a lot of readers are more character fans than plot fans. That may not be all readers, but I know I’m part of the “character” group. Good thing the second book seemed to adjust to the complaints.

Ta-daaa! That’s my list. If you guys are in these fandoms, tell me your thoughts! Do our opinions match? Are they different? I’m very curious, and I want to know your thoughts. Feel free to drop by the wonderful comment box below. Until next time, y’all!



(Surprise! I’m still adding the Dani/NCIS:LA gifs to all my posts, mwahahahah!)



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