Reel Talk: Hero

I honestly should not love this movie as much as I do but what to dooooooo?

Hi guys! This is a movie review of a Bollywood movie that is officially a guilty pleasure movie of mine. Oops.




Sooraj is the son of an influential gang leader, who gets assigned to kidnap the police commissioner’s daughter, Radha. He kidnaps her in the guise of a police officer under the pretense that she’s being hunted down by the big bad gangster. Which is true (including the IG/Police Commissioner assigning a few officers to protect his daughter), except he is part of the gang that wants the IG to pay. Why exactly? The IG put away the influential gang leader in jail. Anyways, they travel to Kashmir where Sooraj keeps Radha in captivity for 2 weeks. Like in most Bollywood movies, they fall in love, but soon the police are tipped off and head to the snowy cabin to take back Radha. A whole chase sequence occurs, to where the two lovers try to escape, but Sooraj ends up shot and they fall in the river, and are presumed dead.



Make that **they aren’t dead


The two end up in a Buddhist monastery where they are nursed back to health and admit that they’re in loooooove. They make plans to head back to Mumbai, and Radha calls home to let them know she’s okay when hell breaks loose. She finds out that the Sooraj is actually part of the gang, and but that doesn’t change her feelings. She begs him to surrender and reform, to which he reluctantly agrees. They head back to the police station in Mumbai where Sooraj surrenders is sentenced to 2 years in jail.

While he’s in jail, Radha’s dad sends her off to Paris in order for her to forget about Sooraj. But lol she doesn’t and is waiting for him the moment he’s released from jail. Sooraj, Radha, Sooraj’s former gang members, and Radha’s brother help start a new gym to show that Sooraj really has changed. But enter a problem for the two lovers. While Radha was in Paris, her brother had to lie to the family, saying she met a super cute guy and was kinda in love with the dude. He brings one of his college friends, who turns out to be working for that big bad gangster dude who’s also Sooraj’s dad. His goal is to infiltrate into the family and teach Sooraj a “lesson” for joining hands with Radha.

From there on, it’s a battle between Radha and Sooraj against the world.


If you’re judging me, I would not be surprised at. all. Honestly, you could tell that this movie was a remake from a super old movie. From the beginning of the movie until 5 minutes before the intermission was kinda cringe-worthy. But the movie definitely picked up speed after the intermission. It was a really good first movie for the two newbie actors, and there were definitely some good gif-worthy moments.


for you arrow fans lol

Lol for my Arrow fans ❤



im trash

1) These two are so cute together 2) IMAGERY

well yeah

When I first saw the movie in India, I was like this. But then I gave it a try again yesterday and I was hooked

BUT GUYS. EVEN IF THE MOVIE DOESN’T SELL YOU, THE SOUNDTRACK WILL. Very little movies can get the entire soundtrack correct. The only movies that come from the top of my head are Ram-Leela and Bajirao Mastani. And that’s only because they’re SLB films. BUT THE SOUNDTRACK OF THIS MOVIE IS WONDERFUL!!! (Especially O Khuda but I am not biased because it is totally a Densi Afghanistan arc song. Nope, not at all.)

At the end, I would give the movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars. There were some plot holes that were a bit too big to be ignored, and the first 45 minutes was kinda “eeep oh lord no not that aaah nooo!” But the muscles and shirtlessness paid were big bonuses for me. 😉

Nim ❤


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