Reel Talk: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Please someone mention the pun I just made.


I got the wonderful opportunity to see this two weeks before the release (shoutout to the Nerdfighters at UNT for hooking us up), and let me tell you… there are spoilers ahead.

Okay, so even if you haven’t read Pride and Prejudice (which you totally should), you’re probably familiar with the storyline. Girl meets boy, they hate each other first, hate turns to love on one end, and the confession of love along with other events lead the other to fall in love as well.

Now throw zombies in the mix.

I haven’t read the book, so my review on this will probably be somewhat askew, but based only on seeing the movie, I actually really enjoyed it. There were some parts where it was easy to tell that liberties had been taken (the church that Wickham takes Elizabeth to being the main one), and other parts where I felt like the movie was leaving some things out. I know it’s difficult to include everything that happens in a book when making a movie adaptation, and sometimes it may differ from the book (I’m looking at you, Peter Jackson, and whoever made the “Percy Jackson” movies), but come on–you’ve got fans of the book in your audience. You don’t want to disappoint them, right?

Being as technical as my limited knowledge of the movie-making process will allow me to be, the cinematography was decent, and the special effects were on point. The clothing was actually pretty spot on, given that ladies have to hide weapons under their skirts. There was only one scene where Elizabeth was wearing trousers, and–while I love me some historical accuracy–I really wish we could’ve seen more than that (especially since she wears trousers in the movie poster).

Speaking of women being amazing and wearing trousers in Regency Era England, there were some pretty darn amazing women! Because of the whole zombie thing, a lot of people went off to train either in China or Japan (and I could be wrong, but I think Japan was considered the more “luxurious” place to go) so they could fight–including women! Naturally, then, all of the Bennet ladies are skilled fighters, and when a zombie attack breaks out at the ball where they meet Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley, they burst into the room and start killing zombies without breaking ranks! Whoa! (This of course impresses Bingley and Darcy greatly as they’re the only ladies who come to fight.) Also, whenever Elizabeth went after Darcy and saved him (you read that right)–oh man I loved that. Then on their way back Darcy was riding behind her on the horse and I’m sitting in my seat snapping because yaaaaasss.

Oh, and did I forget to mention Matt Smith? Yeah, he’s in it. He plays Mr. Collins, an extremely annoying character, and he is the best (and probably the gayest) Mr. Collins that has ever been or will ever be. At first, I didn’t want to give him that title, because I’m such a fan of Tom Hollander’s Mr. Collins:


(Look at that awkward little cinnamon bun!)

Still, I have to say Matt Smith takes the cake. He really did do that role spectacularly.

Things that I didn’t like is how I felt like a lot was left out of the movie. Wickham’s character wasn’t explained very well, and also there were a few things that I definitely said “what??” to (Why did Darcy feed the peaceful zombies???) that I felt could’ve been avoided.

Do I plan on reading the book? No, but if I ever run out of things to read (which won’t happen), I’ll possibly pick it up.

Should you see it? Yeah, I think so. One disclaimer, though, is that you shouldn’t take it too seriously. I’d hope that would be kind of obvious, because it’s one of the most beloved romance novels (possibly the most beloved) of all time with zombies included, but you never know.

Is it still super cute and romantic? I don’t think I’d say “super” cute and romantic, especially when compared to the 2005 movie with Keira Knightley (by the way, Lily James, who plays Elizabeth Bennet, kind of looks like Keira in my opinion. Like the store brand version of her, or something). It’s still adorable, of course–I mean, come on; it’s Pride and Prejudice!

That said, you should all definitely go see it! Sorry this was so long, but I kind of started rambling.

Anyway, I hope you like the movie if you end up going, and until next time, keep it reel!

thumbs up



(Editor’s Note: The book is really fun. It’s like you’re reading Pride and Prejudice and BAM! There’s some zombies for you! You’re welcome! Click here for availability. ♥ Heather)

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