Let’s Review: Girl Online

❥Storyline: Girl Online follows a 15-year-old blogger who travels on a surprise trip to New York City with her family. While there she meets a boy who changes her life. She can’t stop thinking about him, and for the few weeks that she’s there they’re inseparable. Everything’s going fine, but what she doesn’t expect is for this boy to have a secret and for this secret to threaten not only her blogging life, but her personal life too.

❥Opinion: I’ll be honest I really was not expecting much going into this since it’s by a YouTuber who, to my knowledge, had no prior writing experience, but I was so surprised that this book wasn’t terrible. Today there are tons of books by YouTubers, and before I read this one I hadn’t found one that I actually enjoyed. However, even though I did like this book, I found it to be predictable at times and a little cheesy. And of course there’s the whole discrepancy about Zoe being a ghost author. I’ll be completely honest, that did have a negative impact on my reading experience, due to the fact that the author did not actually write most of her book. After this controversy went public, Siobhan Curham, the ghost writer behind this book, was finally given the credit she deserves. If I look at the book by itself, and not the author or her actions, I enjoyed the novel. It had an interesting plot, lots of character development, and a relatable protagonist. I’m not sure yet if I’ll read the sequel, but I am interested to see what happens to our young protagonist in the next edition in the Girl Online series.

❥My favorite quote: “But then I wondered if sometimes our friendships are a bit like clothes and when they start feeling uncomfortable it’s not because we’ve done anything wrong. It just means that we’ve outgrown them.”

❥Rating ★★★½


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