Let’s Review: Panic


Storyline: Growing up in Carp, New York, nothing really happens of interest, except for the game Panic. Each summer, graduating seniors play life threatening, thrilling games, set up by anonymous judges for a large sum of money. Heather and Dodge each decide to play Panic. For them the game will bring new alliances, unexpected revelations, and the possibility of first love for each of them—and the knowledge that sometimes the very things we fear are those we need the most.

❥Opinion: I’ve read some of Lauren Oliver’s work before, and really enjoyed it, so when I found out that she had a new book coming out I knew I had to read it. I went to the store and bought it, but now I wish I could go back in time and save the $25 I spent on the novel. This story had a lot of potential. The writing style wasn’t bad – really that was one of the only things I enjoyed.  That’s the whole reason I even gave this book one star. A few things needed to be changed for me to really enjoy the novel. Heather and Dodge, the main characters, were very boring, and when they did do something exciting during the game, it was almost irritating how quickly the action was over. Though the thought of Panic sounds exciting, the challenges were not. They were very predictable, and just overall dull. The whole story was just lacking. Really, I could go on and on about how bored I was when reading Panic.

❥My favorite quotes:

“It was so strange, the way that life moved forward: the twists and the dead ends, the sudden opportunities. She supposed if you could predict or foresee everything that was going to happen, you’d lose the motivation to go through it all. The promise was always in the possibility.”

“She knew, now, that there was always light—beyond the dark, and the fear, out of the depths; there was sun to reach for, and air and space and freedom. There was always a way up, and out, and no need to be afraid.”

❥Rating ★½

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