The Time and Place Book Tag

There’s a book tag going around where people list five books that have special memories linked with them of a place or time in your life or just an interesting story, so here are mine!

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo


If you don’t know, this is the third in Leigh Bardugo’s trilogy (order is Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising), and it’s probably my favorite. Trilogies are often a hit or miss, and this was definitely a hit. My tendency with trilogies is to like the first one and either not read (because I don’t care enough to read on) or not like the following two, but I couldn’t get enough of this one.
Okay, short review over.
I was reading this on my kindle (short note: this is one of the few series/books I have on my kindle and in physical form) before a memorial service, sitting with my sister while people socialized outside. I got to this… this part, and had I been alone, I would’ve screeched, put the book down, and flail around on the ground for a bit. You know the feeling. I wasn’t alone though! So all I could do was clench my hands and make baby whale noises while my sister laughed at my pain. Such is life.

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins


I read this book back in my freshman year of high school, around the time that I was getting into Ellen Hopkins in general. I remember I was close to the end and I just really wanted to finish it, but I was in biology. So I decided to be a horrible example to people younger than me and read it in class (please don’t do that).
Big mistake.
Now, it wasn’t like I got caught or anything, but I had an experience similar to my Ruin and Rising experience. I finished the book, and that last line hit me like a ton of bricks and all I could do was just sit there in a stupor. I stared at that line (which, by the way, was on its own page. You turn the page and BAM! right in the feels) for a good 2-3 minutes before I was able to close the book. Then I just sat there (I’m pretty sure my mouth was agape) for another 5 minutes. Then I put my book away, and from there it was a tad easier to get out of “Just Finished a Book Syndrome.” Still not very easy, though.

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige


I read this book in a week. It’s a really good book, and honestly I need to reread it so I can read the second one.
Anyway, I read this book in the time that I was in the UK, and anyone who knows me knows that that trip changed my life. Mostly because I determined that in order to be sane, I have to live in Edinburgh, Scotland, but there were other things, too. This book just reminds me of that time and sitting on the coach while my friend was embroidering next to me.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han


This book is super super cute. I remember needing to squeal because it was so adorable, stamping my little feet on the floor because it was so adorable, flailing around on my bed because it was so adorable.
But what stands out to me is when I finished the book at 2:30am at my friend’s house (she was awake), and I proceeded to squeal and flail because I needed the sequel right at that moment.

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan


Look at that first edition cover. So beautiful.
Anyway, it was ten years ago now I guess (since there’s a 10th anniversary copy of The Lightning Thief at B&N that I don’t need but I NEED), and I had dragged my best friend to my church camp with me, and she had dragged The Lightning Thief. She finished it at camp, so of course I borrowed it right after she was done, and so began my obsession. Seriously. To this day she doesn’t believe that she got me into the series, but that it was the other way around.
Anyway TLT (and this edition, especially) bring back memories of my friendship and of my church camp that are precious to me, and I’ve decided recently that I need this version of TLT to add to my collection (right now I have 3 copies of TLT alone), because if it’s Percy Jackson, I need to own it.

Okay, so those are my time and place books! I challenge any of the other admins to post their time and place books, too!


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