:et’s Discuss: Upcoming Events

He-yo, Nim’s back! Sorry for the hiatus, high school is a murderer. ;P I have a few events to point out to y’all, so let’s get started!



Teen Writing Group: November 11th
Doctor Who Random Fandom: November 12th

Teen Writing Group: December 9th
Star Wars Random Fandom: December 10th


In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, we have two major teen programs here at the FMPL: Writing Group and Random Fandom. In Writing Group, we write. Pretty self-explanatory huh? 😉 You get to share your work and develop into a better writer!! In Random Fandom, we host an event dedicated to a fandom. We have games, snacks, and fun stuff all around! These next two RFs are Doctor Who and Star Wars.

And I know there are a lot of you fans lurking around here in Flower Mound, so y’all should totally come to the RFs. They’re a lot of fun. Even if you are not too familiar with the fandoms (like me).

Aaaaaaaand: we will have our annual NaNoWriMo journal posted this year, but instead of me taking the reins, it’ll be our newest TAG member (and writer), Anne Marie! Be sure to join her for that series.

We also have a WHOLE BUNCH of people about to post stuff soon, so y’all better stay tuned to new material on this site!


Thank y’all so much for staying tuned with us through our hiatus, and I promise, you will not regret it. Be sure to bookmark us and keep checking back for updates. And, as always, come say hi to us at the local library!




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