Superhero Showdown – Round 3

Want a way to earn extra raffle tickets in the Readers, Assemble! Summer Reading Club? One way is to vote each week for the best superhero from DC Comics and Marvel! Once you’ve voted, confirm that you’ve completed the week’s challenge on the Readers, Assemble! website, and come into the library to pick your raffle ticket!

This week’s category is Super Rich Guys. Some of the best superheroes (and villains) have plenty of money to buy them powers, state-of-the-art technology, and gadgets. Voting for this category will end on Thursday, June 25 at 11:45 p.m.


Don’t know a whole lot about superheroes? Not to worry! We’ve done some research for you that might help you make your decision. (All of the information is from the DC Comics and Marvel wikis, so if you don’t agree with any of this information, take it up with them!)

Who is the best super rich guy from DC Comics?

luthorozymandiasLex Luthor

Name: Alexander Joseph Luthor. Origin: USA. Abilities: Genius Intellect, Scientific Knowledge, Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)


Name: Adrian Alexander Veidt. Origin: USA. Abilities: Genius Intellect, Eidetic Memory, Tactical Analysis, Martial Arts, Acrobatics



Green Arrow

Name: Oliver Queen. Origin: USA. Abilities: Archery, Acrobatics, Disguise, Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced), Stealth


Name: Bruce Wayne. Origin: Gotham City. Abilities: Acrobatics, Aviation, Disguise, Genius Intellect, Martial Arts, Stealth, Tactical Analysis, Throwing, Tracking


Who is the best super rich guy from Marvel Comics?


Iron Man

Name: Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark. Origin: Long Island, New York. Powers: Extremis 3.0 – Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility; R.T. Node – Energy Emanation, Electrical Fields Detection, Magnetic Force Field, Levitation, Enhanced Senses, Regenerative Durability, Psychic Shield; Additional Powers Coming From Armor – Flight, Magnetism, Sensor Array, Enhanced Durability, Energy Shield, Repulsor Rays, Unibeam, Lasers, Pulse Bolts, Energy Blade, Pulse Barrage, Smart Missiles, Hyper-velocity Impact, Plasma Discharge, Telepathic Microscopic Tasers, Telepathy Inhibitor. Abilities: Genius Intellect, Expert Engineer, Expert Tactician, Skilled Combatant, Trained Marksman, Slightly-Trained Acrobat. Weaknesses: R.T. Node Dependence, Alcoholism

Green Goblin

Name: Norman Osborn. Origin: Hartford, Connecticut. Powers: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Durability, Regenerative Healing Factor, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Reflexes, Mimicry. Abilities: Genius Intellect, Expert Marksman, Skilled Combatant. Weaknesses: Insanity


Mister Fantastic

Name: Reed Richards. Origin: Central City, California. Powers: Hyper-Intelligence, Plasticity, Dense Flesh – Contain Explosions & Redirect Projectiles, Elongation – Grappling & Movement, Shape Changing – Imitation, Canopy/Parachute/Sheath, Gliding, Cushion, Sling Shot, Fist Weapons, Two-Dimensionality, Infiltration, Wind Generation, Semi-Solid Liquid State. Abilities: Genius Intellect, Hypnotism

Black Panther

Name: T’Challa. Origin: Wakanda, Africa. Powers: Superhuman Acute Senses, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Healing, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Reflexes. Abilities: Genius Intellect, Master Martial Artist, Weapons Master, Master Acrobat, Expert Marksman, Master Tactician, Expert Tracker & Hunter, Master Inventor, Diplomatic Immunity



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