Superhero Showdown – Round 2

Want a way to earn extra raffle tickets in the Readers, Assemble! Summer Reading Club? One way is to vote each week for the best superhero from DC Comics and Marvel! Once you’ve voted, confirm that you’ve completed the week’s challenge on the Readers, Assemble! website, and come into the library to pick your raffle ticket!

This week’s category is Streetwise Crimefighters. Some of the best heroes don’t have any powers at all, and sometimes they walk a fine line between what’s good and bad. Voting for this category will end on Thursday, June 18 at 11:45 p.m.


Don’t know a whole lot about superheroes? Not to worry! We’ve done some research for you that might help you make your decision. (All of the information is from the DC Comics and Marvel wikis, so if you don’t agree with any of this information, take it up with them!)

 Who is the best crimefighter from DC Comics?



Name: Selina Kyle. Origin: Gotham City. Abilities: Acrobatics, Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced), Stealth, Thievery


Name: Dennis Colt. Origin: Central City. Powers: Enhanced Strength, Resurrection. Abilities: High Intelligence, Hand-to-Hand Combat




Name: Barbara Gordon. Origin: Gotham City. Abilities: Martial Arts, Stealth, Eidetic Memory. Weaknesses: Formerly paralyzed


Name: Walter Kovacs. Origin: New York. Abilities: Acrobatics, Espionage, Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced), Interrogation, Genius Intellect. Weaknesses: Mental Illness (Sociopath)


Who is the best crimefighter from Marvel Comics?


Black Widow

Name: Natalia Alianovna Romanova. Origin: Stalingrad, USSR. Powers: Artificially Enhanced Physiology – Peak Human Strength, Peak Human Speed, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Reflexes, Peak Human Durability, Peak Human Senses, Peak Mental Resistance, Peak Human Immune System, Extended Longevity. Abilities: Master Martial Artist, Expert Acrobat, Expert Marksman, Gifted Intellect, Expert Tactician, Talented Hacker, Expert Spy


Name: Peter Quill. Origin: Colorado. Powers: Human/Spartoi Hybrid – Peak Human Strength, Peak Human Durability, Peak Human Agility, Peak Human Stamina, Peak Human Mental Process, Longevity. Abilities: Expert Marksman, Martial Artist, Master Tactician & Strategist, Pilot



Name: Clinton Barton. Origin: Waverly, Iowa. Abilities: Master Archer, Expert Marksman, Expert Acrobat, Expert Martial Artist, Skilled Tactician, Weapons Proficiency. Weaknesses: Partially deaf


Name: Frank Castle. Origin: Queens, New York. Abilities: Master Martial Artist, Expert Marksman, Expert Pilot, Interrogation, Extensive Special Ops Training, Expert Tactician







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