Let’s Review: The Shadow Prince

(Ewwwww that’s Nim’s face)


Haden is the disgraced prince of the Underworld. He has a very important task, bring back a mortal girl to help the Underworld prosper. But not just any girl, Daphne Raines, a talented, stubborn musician who just arrived in California to attend a fancy private school. Unfortunately, Daphne and Haden start on a bad note, with Daphne fearing Haden as a pervert. Will Haden be able to complete his task? Who is Haden truly?


If you like romance and Greek mythology, check this book out! Bree Despain writes in Daphne and Haden’s POVs, so you get to see the views of both characters. At first, the book does drag a bit, but by the time you reach the middle, you will be wanting to finish the book so you can read the sequel (which comes out soon!!!!!!!!!). I’m in love with Daphne and Haden, and it’s absolute torture to wait for the sequel, ughh. I know you’re probably going

really come on Another romance novel, Nim?

Yes really, another romance novel. But if you were a fan of Percy Jackson and you like super angsty backstories, give this book a try!




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