Let’s Review: Grimm (TV Show)


If you love fairy tales and fictitious material, then boy is this the show for you! As all of you know (or should know), the Grimm brothers were fairy tale writers. They wrote the original “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” “Rapunzel,” “Cinderella,” and many more stories. These originals are definitely more gory than the fantasized Disney versions. Grimm takes these original fairy tales and twists them even more to make an interesting storyline for the show.

Grimm is centered on Nick Burkhart, a detective. One day at work, he starts to see the faces of people around him change into those of hideous creatures. When his sick aunt comes to visit, she explains to him that he is a part of a long line of family hunters called Grimms. These Grimms hunt Wesan, which are basically creatures that are able to take human form. Most of these Wesan are dangerous but some, like Nick’s good friend Monroe, are friendly. When his aunt dies, the whole responsibility of the Grimm is put on Nick. But can he manage being a detective, a Grimm, and a good boyfriend to his girlfriend, Juliet?


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