Let’s Review: Fallen

The beauty of STAAR is that you get time to read a plethora of books. For a FMPL TAGger? More time to read books to review! Read all about it!


Lucinda (Luce) Price is at a new school for “special” children when she meets Daniel Grigori, and he immediately captivates her. However, Daniel really does not want anything to do with Luce even though he “barely knows her”. Luce’s curiosity is piqued, and she desperately tries to figure out how she somehow knows Daniel, even if it’ll burn her alive.


Can I just mention how much I am in LOVE with this series?


At first, I thought this was just going to be a romance novel that just has a dark theme to it. Never did I ever expect it to revolve around Angels and Demons! This is definitely for the Supernatural/Romance fans. The chemistry is so vivid and real between Luce and Daniel, you’ll definitely be wanting more by the end (like meeee!). And Lauren Kate has such excellent storytelling skills, I felt as if I was actually next to Luce and experiencing her world rather than sitting in a rickety chair in a Science classroom waiting for STAAR testing to finish. Go read this if you love Paranormal Romances (it’s a series too)!



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