Let’s Review: Arrow (TV Show)

Arrow TV Series

The TV show Arrow opens with a the main character being found after being lost for 5 years. But before we get there, we need to know some backstory. The main character, Oliver Queen, is a spoiled billionaire. His father invites him to take a ride in his yacht and Oliver agrees. Oliver agrees and decides to take Sara Lance, his girlfriend, Laurel’s, sister with him. As they are in the boat, they experience an unexpected storm and the yacht ends up sinking. Sara is lost in the waves and Oliver has to carry his unconscious father to shore the shore of a deserted island. Only later will they find out that the island has many surprises for them. After encountering many of these dangers, Oliver’s father is injured and ends up dying. Before his death, however, he gives Oliver a little notebook that contains the names of people who have cheated Starling City (their hometown). When Oliver finally gets rescued, after 5 years on the island, he returns to Starling City as a billionaire by day and an avenging vigilante by night. His goal: to save the city that is his home. Can he save his city?

Nim’s Edit: Oooh there’s a big episode tonight. Anyone watching?


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