Let’s Review/Discuss: YouTuber books!

Okay, so I forgot to mention the biggest thing about me that encompasses my life. I. love. YouTube. I love it so much that it’s sometimes frightening. The most recent news is that a bunch of these famous YouTubers are releasing books. It’s pretty exciting and just…


These books don’t all fit into one category, though. John Green, the most famous YouTuber/author, is most well known for writing fiction such as “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Paper Towns”. On the other hand, Connor Franta is writing an autobiography/memoir entitled “A Work in Progress” which features his everyday thoughts and opinions on how to deal with life. Hannah Hart has a book called “My Drunk Kitchen” which is also the name of her YouTube channel. Dan and Phil, famous comedians from Britain, have a book called “The Amazing Book of Dan and Phil”. The makeup gurus have books on how to stay healthy and tips on makeup. I could go on and on about all the YouTubers releasing books, but they all basically relate specifically to what the YouTuber is known for. I’m just so proud of these YouTubers having come so far to do what they love and taking the time out of their already busy schedule to write such inspiring books.

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