Let’s Review: The Doubt Factory

Congratulations guys! You get a selfie of me with the book (I know, ew)! If you wanna know two things about me:

  1. I LOVE crime shows (wow no kidding)
  2. I love conspiracies and theories

Okay, knowing that, let’s go!


Alix Banks is a preppy school girl, when a group dubbed “2.0” (as in a new form, a 2.0 version of something) enlightens her about the true purposes of her father’s company and what they do to the common man. At first, Alix is in shock. She can’t believe her father could do something as despicable as being the mastermind of thousands of deaths. But as she begins to research, she realizes that she is part of the Doubt Factory, and it thrives off of naive people like her. After all, you believe what they want you to believe.


So… this was me throughout this book:


I was Shaw at first, then I became Root (AKA 1st-Grumpy, then 2nd-Smiley)

Alix Banks is one frustrating character. She is so incredibly dense at first, but she finally catches on and the plot starts captivating the reader. Oh, and there is some frickle-frackling. πŸ˜‰



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