Let’s Review: Life of Pi

life of pi

Hello everyone! It’s Mayher, again. I know this book/movie came out a while back, but it really fascinated me and I wanted to share it with you guys. I saw the movie first with my family because we were all curious to watch a story about an Indian boy, and it got me really excited to read the book.

The story takes place in Pondicherry, India where a boy, Pi, is faced with the conflict of moving to a foreign country, Canada. He was already the awkward kid observing 3 faiths, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam, and would observe each one very strictly following each individual practice. This is symbolic of the 3 main religions in South India. His father was completely against it as well as the respective priests. I feel like his father had quite a large influence on his life being atheist and all. They ended up sailing because Pi’s father owned a zoo back in India and had to take the rest of the animals through a cheap and efficient transportation means, so he decided to take his family along with them. One stormy night, Pi woke up to siren’s wailing and ran out to the balcony and noticed that the storm was too powerful for the boat. The boat was sinking rapidly and a few animals escaped and jumped into a lifeboat with Pi. The rest of the story discusses Pi’s conflicts at sea being vegetarian, alone, and trapped with a tiger, Richard Parker. At first, he was with only a zebra, an orangutan, and a hyena. Eventually, the hyena went crazy and ate the other animals while Pi watched in horror, but the tiger emerged from under the tarp and killed the hyena.

Pi tries to learn how to train a tiger out at sea and learn to trust the tiger. In his childhood, Pi tried to lure the tiger to come towards him in the cage. Pi’s father caught him and basically scarred him for life by showing what a tiger does to a lamb. This plays a key factor into how Pi reacts to a large tiger sharing a lifeboat with a skinny Indian boy. Pi thinks he’s going to die because of this life threatening experience but in turn relies on his faith in God and multiple religions to get him out of the sticky situation. He was so close to getting rescued at one point in the novel when this large ship zoomed by, but the ship didn’t notice Pi’s life boat. Pi almost gave up at this point, but he stayed focused on surviving and didn’t give up.

This is a wonderful story of how miracles are possible if you believe in yourself and can trust your loved ones. I really enjoyed this story, and I liked how Martel kind of switches perspectives between Pi out at sea and Pi as an adult in Canada meeting with Martel. I hope all of you guys get a chance to read it, and decide for yourself: is this really a true story or just a made up miracle?

Read the book by Yann Martel!
Watch the movie!



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3 responses to “Let’s Review: Life of Pi

  1. dreamamongstars

    How is that all you have to say about it???? Life of Pi is one of my favorite books I could go on and on and you’re just like read it?????? Come on Mayher. Come on. smh


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