About the Teen: Mayher

Hey guys (and gals)! I’m Mayher (if you can’t tell from the glaringly obvious title).

I’ve been in TAG for about a year now and realized that I haven’t done a blog post, so let’s start off with me introducing myself.

I’m a junior in high school (almost senior)


I absolutely love art, but I have one problem… I’m really not that great at it…


I can be the life of the party…


But also the kid who sits home alone on a Friday night

crying eating ice cream

And I basically put the PRO in Procrastination. You know what they say, AP really stands for Advanced Procrastinators, and this is basically the most accurate description of me the night before a project is due.


Basically, I’m your average stressed out teenager, but I’m Indian so there’s triple the stress.


Well, it was nice meeting you all, and I hope you have a wonderful day.


Oh, and I am the gif queen.



(Nim’s edit: Aw man, gif people are so awesome!)

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