Nim’s Journal: Camp NaNo Week 1

Hey guys, it’s Nim here! Don’t worry, I’m not doing a cheesy blog entry today. This week’s check in will be short and sweet.

So today marks the official end of week 1, and according to my word limit (10,000 words thank goodness), I have 7,433 words left to reach that goal. That’s right, I have written 2,567 words in 6 days!


*cricket noises* Okay, so I skipped writing on Saturday, but hey, girl needs her break too. I know 333 words a day isn’t that much, but still, this girl would love a break. Especially with a ton of school and stuff breathing down my neck.


Anyways, I’ve written a birthday of the secondary character, a trip to the mall, 2 perverted dudes, 1 Chipotle meltdown, a beach party, flirtation, and a “nice guy”. I feel pretty accomplished, especially because it’s not going how NaNo did (which, by the way, went TERRIBLY). So how are your novels going? Have you reached the breaking point? Or are you just getting started? Drop by the comments, I’d love to hear how your Camp experience is going!



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