La Sesión Informativa de Número 2

AKA “Nim: Don’t-be-so-Spanishy-And-Just-Say-‘Briefing Number 2′”

Alright, your favorite (hehe) Blog Manager is back this month with the next briefing of upcoming events! Let’s do this!!


  • Teen Writing Group- April 8
  • Random Fandom (High School Musical)-April 9
  • International Tabletop Day- April 11
  • TAG- April 22


  • Random Fandom (Pitch Perfect)- May 14
  • Teen Writing Group- May 20
  • TAG- May 27

Here’s a link of the quick recap of the events and shtuff:

IMPORTANT ALERT: TAG is open to all teens 12-18, and we are kinda in need of dudes in our group, so FEEL FREEE TO JOIN OUR GROUP OF DORKS!

Thanks guys and be sure to join us at these upcoming events!

Gif not miiiiiine


💙 Nim 💙




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