Random Fandom: Divergent

Over the course of spring break, I went to many places to while my time away. However, out of all of those my favorite was the Divergent Random Fandom held at our very own Flower Mound Public Library. If you want to get a feel of books coming to life, this is the place to come. Everyone was able to dress up in their faction gear. My own outfit was inspired by Dauntless, all black like my soul. The interactive movie was a lot of fun. We got to enact scenes from the movie and snack on buttery popcorn. My favorite part was throwing knives at a paper target taped to the wall, to reenact the training phase the initiates of Dauntless went through. Overall, the whole experience was enjoyable and fun.


(Editor’s Note: The next Random Fandom is on Thursday, April 9 from 4 – 5:30 p.m. Get here before the library closes to join in on High School Musical trivia and karaoke!)


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