Let’s Review: Confess by Colleen Hoover


If you like fanfiction, you’re in the right place.

This book came out, what, two weeks ago? I read it last week, and I absolutely love it. It’s similar to fanfiction in that there’s super cute if-you’re-in-public-you’ll-have-to-suppress-a-few-squeals romance mixed in with some darker subjects (aka trigger warning: rape/sexual assault) which is pretty common in fanfiction because we’re all sadistic little writers.

If you’re doing the 2015 Reading Challenge and you live in the Dallas area, I would definitely recommend this as your “book set in your hometown,” since it’s not very likely you’ll find a good book set in Hurst or Lewisville. It may be cheating a little, but it’s crazy good, so it’s pretty worth it!

Now to get into the nitty-gritty of it, this book is about a girl named Auburn and a boy named Owen, how they met and what transpires from there in the course of about 2-3 months. In the prologue, we meet Auburn when she’s 15 and her boyfriend, Adam, is dying at a hospital in Dallas (despite them both being from Portland). So it’s going to be a book about learning to let go, right? Well, yes and no, but mostly no.

Chapter 1 starts about 5 years later, when Auburn is weeks away from turning 21. She’s moved back to Dallas–which she doesn’t really like–and is working at a hair salon despite hating her job, and she’s looking for a lawyer she can’t afford when she sees a “Help Wanted” sign on a door she walks past every day. Wait, what? Why did she move back to Dallas? Why does she cut hair if she hates it? Why is she looking for a lawyer? All in good time, reader, all in god time.

Anyway, it’s the “Help Wanted” sign that leads her to meet Owen, a 21 year old entrepreneur with a successful art studio. The best part is that Hoover includes the art in the story. The actual art is done by Danny O’Conner, who has a website where you can check out his other artwork (click his name!).

Image of "In Search Of Significance"  Original on Canvas SOLD

Crazy good, right?

My most favorite part of the book (excluding the art, of course) is that there’s not much dramatic irony. Dramatic irony, if you don’t know, is where the readers know something that a character doesn’t. For example, in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo drinks poison because he believes Juliet to be dead, but the readers know she isn’t. We get a lot of dramatic irony in the books that we read, but there’s something more human in how things are revealed to other characters the same time they are revealed to the reader. Sure, there are times when we know something someone else doesn’t, but I honestly really love how we find out about the characters. It’s not something I’ve found in any books I can think of.

If you still need a reason to read Confess, I finished it on Sunday around 2pm, and by 3pm I had resolved to reread it immediately, which I’ve never done before! Even if you don’t often read romance, don’t like love triangles (or love angles, as they should be called), or whatever, I highly suggest you read this book. I’ve told at least 4 people to read it over the weekend alone; it’s that good. Easily a 4.5 star rating out of 5 from me.

Until the next book,


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