NaNoWriMo: Week 3

Hey guys! It’s Nim here, taking over Shelby (who kinda… quit after Day 5). Heather and I have been working on our stories, and our month long journey is almost over (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the end of week 3, and I finally caught up to the “on-par” progress, which I’m super excited about. However, it’s the beginning of week 4, and for me? That starts the slowing of the creative juices, especially when you need to reach that 50,000 word limit. Here’s my profile:


And I officially have only 12,300 words to go!!

Kensibeingadorables (gif not mine)

And no, I’m not publishing my story, because it’s a stupid idea my friend and I came up with and she’s going to be the only one to ever see it. (Though the prologue is on my Wattpad account… oops)

Aaaaaaanywaaaaaaaays, drop a comment in the reply box! I wanna know how your NaNo is going (and whether you think you’re going to be able to hit the 50,000 words, cuz I’m probably gonna go up to 49,999 *sheepish grin*)!!! Keep on writing awesomes!!

(And did anyone go to the NaNo event at our FloMo Library this Saturday? I would’ve, but my parents thought Peruvian Gold was the better choice :/)



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3 responses to “NaNoWriMo: Week 3

  1. Jessica

    I finished my novel a couple days ago


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