Let’s Review: Nothing But The Truth


Ok, so maaaybe I read this book for school, but I have a LOT of issues that I’d like to discuss that were mentioned in this book. Sorry if I start to rant, this book inspired a passionate debate in our class.


Philip Malloy is a 9th grader who wants to join the track team and become a sports superstar. However, he is denied entrance to the team due to his D in English. Philip blames Miss Narwin, his teacher, claiming that she has something against him and is the source of his problem. Instead of taking his coach’s advice to try to talk things out with Miss Narwin, Philip decides to antagonize his teacher, bully his way to getting out of her class. Things get worse when he’s transferred to Miss Narwin’s homeroom class. One day, Philip decides to disturb the class and hum the National Anthem when the Principal requested silence. Miss Narwin sends him to the Vice-Principal’s office, to sort out the difference. Philip ignores Dr. Palleni, and again disturbs the class. Dr. Palleni has no choice, but to suspend Philip for two consecutive office visits. At home, Philip claims that Narwin had him suspended for singing the National Anthem, so his parents decide to complain to their neighbor, Ted Griffen, who’s coincidentally running for a position on the School Board.


Philip is your muggle Draco Malfoy. Seriously, change the last “l” in Malloy to a “f” and BAM! Malloy -> Malfoy! It’s so maddening how Philip destroys lives just to get on the track team. As you read the documentary novel, you definitely choose a side and the way Philip and Miss Narwin’s lives change, you’ll be cheering at the way Philip goes and sobbing at Miss Narwin’s end. I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5. It’s a very thought provoking novel, but once you’re done, you wouldn’t want to go back and read it again. It’s a good, one time read that will make you think over thoughts previously ignored.



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