Let’s Review: The Maze Runner (Movie)


Guess which gurl FINALLY got to see TMR in the Theaters? This guuuuurl! Read all about it here! 


Summary: Like the book, Thomas wakes up suddenly in the Box, confused and scared. He arrives in the Maze, welcomed as “Greenie”. Thomas tries to adapt to the Glade, asking questions and trying to make sense of his surroundings until Alby and Minho are about to be locked out of the Glade, the doors closing and Alby injured. Thomas breaks the rules and runs out the doors, with them closing behind him. As Minho and Thomas try to survive the night and keep Alby alive, they confront a Griever (AKA these scary mechanical spider things) and kill it. They make it back to the Glades, and new developments unravel such as Thomas being upgraded to a Runner and Teresa’s arrival. When the breaking point is reached, all hell breaks loose as the Grievers make their way into the Glade, killing many boys, including Alby. The next day, Thomas, Newt, Teresa, Chuck and a few other boys head out of the Glade, hoping to find their way out of the Maze. They make it, but Chuck dies saving Thomas’s life. In the last minute, Ava Paige, director of WCKD, commences Trial 2 of the trials.

Opinion: There were quite a few changes, but they were understandable, as you have to make the movie interesting. But I loved it otherwise! (And Dylan O’Brien… *faints*)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



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