Let’s Review: Nil


So how are your Summer Reading Logs going? Need some more hours for your raffle tickets? Well this book might help. Find it in the FMPL!!


On the island of Nil, you have 365 days (1 year), or you die. In other words, teens are abducted in broad daylight and transported to a “Survivor”-esque  island where they must escape in order to go back home. When Charley arrives on Nil, she meets Thad and Jason, 2 other teens on the island. With them, she meets a whole group of teens who try to find the portals to transport them back home. But when Charley falls in love with Thad, her life becomes more twisted (as if it wasn’t already). Thad is close to the end of his 365 days, yet there is no portal for him. As the teens escape home or die, time is of the essence. But what will happen when it’s Thad’s last chance, and he’s missed his portal?


Whoops, cliffhanger summary. I looooooved this book. Compared to other sci-fi books, Nil is very different and unique. Of course, the good ol’ romance made me a very happy girl but the tones of danger and death thrilled me too. What I did love the most was that you really did not know whether Thad was going to die or not, and when the author went a few chapters in Charley’s POV, I was genuinely afraid that poor Thad was dead. But of course, Lynne Matson made up for it and ended the book at a point where it was perfect and had no need for a sequel. Definitely go read it!

4.5/5 stars



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  1. I was pleasantly surprised by this book! Thanks for sharing your review!


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