Event: Random Fandom- Supernatural

Hey guys, 12 days until Random Fandom! Come join us for the feels! 😀

FMPL Teen Page


Hey guys, it’s Nimisha here! We, the Teen Advisory Group, are proud to announce our 1st ever: Random Fandom!! Now, you may be thinking: Nim, what is Random Fandom and why is there a picture of Supernatural on this post? Let me explain the event:

Random Fandom is a new event that will be hosted every month (except August) where TAG will randomly choose one (or maybe more, depends on the circumstances) fandom to host a special event about it. Now in Random Fandom, it’s all about the fandom! We have games, snacks, trivia, we may also get to watch episodes of the fandom! There’s no place to sign up, all you do is Save the Date and come on down to the Program Room at 4 PM! The event will last for 2 hours, so from 4-6.

Since this is our first RF event, we decided to pick Supernatural…

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