Let’s Review: Tandem


This book is simply GENIUS. Read aaaaaaaaaaall about it heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!


Sasha Lawson thought that she was an ordinary teenage girl with a normal life until she’s kidnapped by her crush and transported to an alternate universe where a girl in her dreams, Juliana, actually exists. The twist? Juliana is the princess. When she’s forced to live 6 days as Juliana while her kidnappers try to recover Juliana from the rebels, her life turns awry as she’s caught between wanting to go back to her normal life and her new alternate reality and the affections from 2 completely different men (and she likes both of them). Sasha’s life goes spiraling downwards as the plot twists and turns to create the first book of the Many-Worlds Trilogy.


This is a bit different from the books I usually read since I’m a Dystopia junkie. However, this Sci-Fi/Fantasy book was just so awesome and captivating! I loved Anna Jarzab’s style of writing and how no matter how catty and immature the characters can get, you can’t help but still want to wrap them up in a fuzzy blanket and hug them. And there are not 2, but 4 possible ships which can go to head. I personally like Sasha/Thomas, but I’ll leave the shipping wars up to you guys. The 2nd book, Tether, was scheduled to come out this month (June 2014), but it has been delayed until next year. 😥 And is it just me, or can the girl on the cover TOTALLY be Shelley Hennig?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments once you guys read this amaaaazing book!




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