Hub Reading Challenge and more

Today is the last day to submit your books for the Hub Reading Challenge to try to win a signed copy of The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater! If you have a bunch of books you’ve read, but you haven’t submitted anything yet, go here to fill out the form! Since the challenge started, many of the books have stayed checked out, which is what we love to see. hubwinbookIf you’re looking for something else to do now that the Challenge is over, consider joining the Spark a Reaction Summer Reading Club. Once a week, you’ll turn in how many hours you’ve read here, and I’ll send you back a Badge of Awesome. Bring that to the library for a chance to win your choice of prize plus some instant win coupons for freebies. Our prize themes are Anime, Doctor Who, Superheroes, Harry Potter, Minecraft, and Candy. spark-a-reaction-bannerIf you turn in your hours for four weeks, you win a book and, if you’re 13 and up, an invitation to our after hours lock-in on August 1. We’ll be video chatting with authors Marissa Meyer, Michelle Gagnon, Claudia Gray, and Cecil Castellucci! Plus we’ll feed you and play games and stuff. Lock In

Last thing, if you’re the type of person who likes to have a list of books to read, check out the nominees for the Teens’ Top Ten. You’ll get the chance to vote on your top 10 favorites August 15 – October 19.



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