Let’s Review: Minders


So this is a recent book that’s in the Flower Mound Public Library and when I read the summary, I was hooked. Read the summary and review here!


Sadie Ames is your typical All-A student; methodical, no-nonsense attitude and a major perfectionist. Her life has always been ruled by rules and orders and a need to impress her busy, socialite parents. So when she applies and is selected to the Mind Corps program, she’s never been happier. But she arrives at the Corps’ training and a possible shot to the prestigious 6-week program with a confused mind and heart after her parents’ weird attitudes and her boyfriend’s persistence to disobey her personal values. After learning about the Syncopy system which will transport the “Minder” into the mind of the “subject” in a state of stasis. Stasis comes in 2 levels, Shallow and Deep. Shallow Stasis is used for the training and shows the basic emotions and surveillance through a chip located in the subject’s brain. After the debrief after Shallow Stasis, the board initially does not accept Sadie to continue through the program, but with a veto from the head of the board and program, she is let back in.

Now, she goes through Deep Stasis with the same subject, Ford Winter. Ford is an inner-city citizen, who lives with his mother and sister, Lulu. Ford’s one goal is to find out who murdered his brother, even if he dies from it. After breaking up with his girlfriend and going through near life-or-death situations, he finally figures out that a mysterious man nicknamed “The Pharmacist” is the one behind all the major crimes and has almost everyone he knows on his payroll. All the while, Sadie is in his mind, taking notes on Ford and his life. However, he starts to hear her in his head and realizes that because of her and the chip, Ford is being hunted down by the Pharmacist.

In the end, Sadie thinks she witnesses Ford killing the Pharmacist, but it turns out, she was actually in the Pharmacist’s head. She’s held hostage by him just as she figures it out, but Miranda (the head of the Mind Corps program) saves her from a miserable end. In the epilogue, Ford had forgotten all about Sadie with thanks to the Mind Corps program wiping out those memories. The book ends with Sadie meeting Ford after a few years and he invites her to Lulu’s birthday party.


Oh. My. God. I give Minders a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Michele Jaffe has written an intricate web with plot twists and character development. And since one of the characters goes into the brain of another character, we also get to look at a sort of “banter” with Sadie and what Ford says, but luckily he can’t hear her. I would say this story would be meant for teen only, due to some suggestive stuff.



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