Summer Reading Club Starts Today!

spark-a-reaction-bannerOur wonderful Teen Advisory Group, made up of Flower Mound middle and high-school students, have designed a BRAND NEW format for Summer Reading Club this year, so here it goes:

1. Read at least 2 hours each week.

That’s right. No more keeping track of how many days you’ve read. You don’t even have to read for 2 hours straight. You can spread it out however it works for you, as long as you get AT LEAST 2 whole hours in.

2. Go here and fill out the form.

We need to know who you are and how many hours you read for this next part.

3. Receive your Badge of Awesome.

For every 2 hours you read, you get a Badge of Awesome emailed to you. These are really important for the next step.

4. Come to the library with your Badge of Awesome.

You can print it out or show it to us on your phone.

5. Receive a raffle ticket for every two hours you read.

The Teen Advisory Group picked 6 themed prize packs. You can choose raffle tickets for the same prize every time, or you can spread it out. Our prize themes are:

  • Anime
  • Candy
  • Doctor Who
  • Harry Potter
  • Minecraft
  • Superheroes

You’ll also INSTANT WIN coupons for freebies from different places around town.

6. Repeat

You can only submit your hours once every 7 days (and if you do it before your 7 days is up, we won’t send you Badges. We might send you an email saying DON’T BE A CHEATER! Just kidding. Maybe. We’ll see. 🙂

However, because we’re SUPER NICE, if you have more than one Badge of Awesome to turn in, you can totally do that.

Extra Special Things to Know

You can also earn Badges of Awesome (which turn into raffle tickets for prizes, remember?) by coming to programs! Yay! What programs can you come to for earning Badges? We’re so glad you asked!

  • June 25 – CSI: Flower Mound.
    • This is all about forensics… fingerprinting, blood splatter, etc. We may even have FMPD here.
  • July 23 – Random Fandom
    • The Teen Advisory Group randomly picked a fandom (hence the name, right?) to feature in July. Our summer fandom is Supernatural, so if you ❤ Dean and Sam as much as we do, we’ll have crafty things and games and trivia and such.
  • Did you know we have Tabletop Game Night every fourth Tuesday? If you come in June and July, you get another raffle ticket!

An Even More Awesome Thing to Know

If you submit your reading hours for FOUR WEEKS this summer (doesn’t even have to be in a row), you get an invitation to our LOCK-IN on Friday, August 1. You’ll get to come to the library after we’re closed, stay until almost midnight, and video chat with the authors of these awesome books:

cinder dontlooknow evernight

We’ll also have games and feed you dinner and snacks, and, of course, you’ll have to turn in a permission slip with your parent’s signature and have a ride home that night (you don’t think we’re just going to send you out into the wilds of Flower Mound, do you?)





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