Let’s Review: Timeless


In the mood for an emotional roller coaster of a book? You’re in the right place.
Trust me.

Timeless by Alexandra Monir is a thrilling and frankly amazing romance novel, the first in the Timeless series. If you’re not really too into romance as a genre, at least hear me out, because it’s unlike any romance novel I’ve ever read, but that might not mean much.

I was introduced to the series by a friend of mine who ranted and raved about it every chance she got in my sociology class. The characters are well developed and – albeit a bit cliche at times – really lovable, as is the plot.

So what’s it about? Well, normal and average Michele Windsor’s mother dies early on, and being a single parent, there’s no where Michele can call home.

Oh yeah, except with the grandparents her mother ran away from.

She soon finds herself transported across the country to New York and to her grandparents’ historic mansion. Her room is the same room her mother had when she’d lived there, and it was the bedroom of many Windsor daughters before her. Among the things she received from her mother’s safe at the bank, there’s a key that supposedly belonged to her father, and it has, well, special abilities. It – when in contact with a historic object – can transport the wearer back in time! Michele then finds herself in 1910s New York with her great-great grandmother, Clara, and Clara is the only one who can see her! Except, you know, the boy she’s been dreaming about since she was a little girl.

Wait, what?


Who doesn’t love time travel? And when combined with mystery and romance, it can’t get any better, right?

Oh, but it can.

Timeless is such an amazing story, and I read it fairly quickly. I’m soooo super glad Cassie recommended it to me, only now I need to go read the second book, Time Keeper!

Alexandra Monir is a great writer, and a great singer, too! Timeless was so enthralling and wonderful, I don’t know why everyone hasn’t read it!

Edit: *Squeals in excitement* Alexandra read this! The same friend who got me into this told me that she’d seen a tweet from AM regarding my review ^^ I’m glad to know she liked it!


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