Let’s Review: The Maze Runner

So I recently read the whole series in 1 week and I’m absolutely in love with it. Now, I just can’t wait for the movie and to see Dylan O’Brien as Thomas. Eeee!!!!!

Spoilers for Series Ahead:

The Maze Runner

Summary: Thomas wakes up in a box with all his memories wiped. When the box opens, he is met by many more boys who welcome him to “The Glade”. They introduce him to the system inside, and just as Thomas gets used to the workings, the last person is dropped through the box, a girl, and is proclaimed “The Last One”.  Unfortunately, the girl falls into a coma and no information is gotten out of her. As days pass inside the Glade, Thomas observes the Runners and inspires to be a Runner. As the Runners’ reports come back with no new information, the boys all become discouraged. After Alby fails to return inside the Glade as the doors close, Thomas risks his life and rescues Alby and survives the night in the Maze. He officially becomes a Runner after that. When he realizes that a Griever (those freaking hideous monsters in the maze)’s sting could be beneficial to their escape, he gets stung, and remembers that the maze can NOT be solved, and the only way to get out is through the Griever Hole. Everyone journeys to the hole, where only a few make it. But Chuck falls, as he comes between a knife headed to Thomas by Gally. Few of the boys and the girl, Theresa, are rescued, and arrive in the safe haven, unknowing of what lies ahead.


My thoughts

My friends had been going on and on and on about the trilogy for weeks, and with promotional stills from the movie, I decided to see what the rave was all about. And boy was I amazed. I fell in love with the books and the character of Thomas, and I was literally crying when I finished The Death Cure. When the trailer for TMR came before Divergent, my friend and I were screaming mainly because: A) MAZE RUNNER MOVIE!!!!!! and B) DYLAN O’BRIEN OHGOD. I would definitely recommend this book to any Dystopia lover.


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