Let’s Review: The Kite Runner


I read The Kite Runner last year for English, but I reread it just because it’s so magnificent. I know several people who have read this chilling tale, and only one of them was kind of “meh” about it. Khaled Hosseini creates a fantastic display of emotion in passing – truly amazing.

Before I go on, though, I need to point out something critical to the plot and possibly triggering. Don’t hate me for this one little spoiler; I’m just trying to keep people safe! That said, tw: rape.

This might seem like a huge spoiler to those who haven’t read TKR, but trust me, it’s not so bad. The story focuses on how Amir (the main character) deals with this secret he has – that he watched his best friend and servant, Hassan, get raped, and that he didn’t do anything to help.

The Kite Runner is set in the time before and during the Cold War, in both Afghanistan and America. With stunning realism, Hosseini depicts the bone-chilling horror the Afghan people experienced when the Russians invaded, and it doesn’t stop there. From flashbacks to heart-shattering foreshadowing that I didn’t pick up until my second time reading it, it’s hard to put this book down.

When I first read TKR, I began getting kinesthetic with books. That is, before then, I read most books with a straight face. With the introduction of TKR in my “currently reading” shelf on goodreads, I found myself audibly gasping, widening my eyes in surprise, and covering my mouth out of shock in my German class, glancing from my book to my friend Tim, who had also read it. He would just nod in understanding, and for those moments, we shared a mutual heart-breaking.

Which brings me to my next point: this book absolutely destroyed me in the best possible way. I still haven’t completely recovered, which means whenever I’m at a bookstore and I see other Khalid Hosseini books (which one day, I intend to read), it all comes back to me – Baba, Amir, Hassan, Sohrab, and the ever-understanding Rahim Kahn – and I look away to prevent myself from combusting.

In short, The Kite Runner is one of the most stunning books I’ve ever had the privilege to read, and. I highly recommend it.



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  1. Shamefully, this has been on my book shelf for probably over two years: still unread. I need to get off my butt and read it. Thanks for your review.


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