Two Months Left!


That’s right, you only have two months until the Hub Challenge comes to an end. If you haven’t seen previous posts about this, the Hub Challenge is where you read 25 books from a list of the best of last year. At this point, I know 25 books is a lot to read in just two months, so here’s a few tips to help you complete the challenge. I’ll let you figure out which ones are serious, and which ones are not.

  1. Become antisocial. Do you really need friends and family during the next two months?
  2. Read from the Quick Picks part of the list. These books are meant to be short and fun.
  3. Always have a book in your hand. Use plastic bags to keep your library book from getting wet when you’re in the shower.
  4. Pick books from the audiobook list so you can do other things while you listen.
  5. Read during class. Your teacher should be happy you’re reading, right? Actually, please don’t. You’ll get us in trouble!
  6. Did you know there are graphic novels on the list? They’re all much shorter than the novels.
  7. Enlist your friends to read to you. There’s nothing like a bedtime story from your BFF.
  8. Ask us for recommendations! Don’t waste time slogging through a book you hate.


You can get the full list, rules, and form for submitting your books here. Update us as you finish your books; otherwise, we won’t know you’re participating. If you read all 25 and no one else does, congratulations! You’re the automatic winner! If more than one person reads all 25, we’ll draw names. If no one gets to 25, we’re going to sit under our desks and cry (and possibly just give the prize to the person who read the most).


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