Let’s Review: I Am a SEAL Team Six Warrior: Memoirs of an American Soldier


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The story tells the tale of Howard Wasdin and his journey of becoming a Navy SEAL. Growing up in a tough home, he discovers a dream to be a SEAL and to fight for our America. When he joins, he starts his training with the only (and toughest) SEAL program, BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEALS). As men drop around him like dominoes, he and a few men actually pass and go on to become Navy SEALS. He starts his SEAL career with Operation Desert Storm, as a member of SEAL Team Two. As he slowly starts progressing, he wishes and works to become part of the elite and legendary SEAL Team Six. Eventually, he gets there, earning a name on the team as their best sniper. But as he takes on tougher and more dangerous missions, he almost loses his life in the Battle of Mogadishu, which causes him to retire from the SEALS.


This autobiography is one of my favorite non-fiction novels ever written. The way the author writes his tale just takes you into the story to feel the hardships, the pain, the misery, the adrenaline and the strength they felt while training then fighting. This novel makes you appreciate our military forces and what they do to protect our country. This has a true moral, even if you come across the worst situations in life, you can always work your butt off to overcome it. We should be proud as a nation to have such courageous combatants like Mr. Wasdin in our armed forces. Hats off to them!


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