Let’s Review: Champion

Lemme just say something. I’VE BEEN DYING TO GET MY HANDS ON THIS BOOK AND I GOT IT TWO DAYS AFTER THE RELEASE DATE!! But I was too lazy to update the review, but I got to it and here it is. Be warned, I read this in 2 hours. Yes, I am a fast reader and Champion sped my pace up and I started crying at lunch and my friend threatened to rip the book out of my hands and throw it into a bonfire. I am crazy about this book and I’m currently (trying) to write a fanfic epilogue about the end. Marie Lu, you are an evil genius!



June and Day are back. Their country is in trouble and needs their help. The Colonies are about to wage a war with the Republic because they feel that the virus spreading through their country was caused by the Republic. Anden, the Elector, feels that Day’s brother, Eden, has the cure to the virus in his bloodstream and wants Day’s permission to conduct some tests on Eden. Day would’ve refused, but Anden used June and Day couldn’t say no. The Republic is starting to fail against the Colonies, so June and Anden head off to Antarctica to seek help. When June comes back, Day reveals he’s dying and the two share an intimate night together. June and Day head off to save the Republic when Day gets blackmailed by the leader of the Colonies. Day devises a plan to help the Republic which involves surrendering temporarily to the enemy. During this period, Eden’s test results come back stating that he’s almost a match but there is one piece of the puzzle which is missing. Now June remembers something, and we’re transported back to Legend. She remembers that she fell sick with a flu while in the slum sectors hunting for Day, and now that could’ve been the virus. When she’s tested, she’s the missing piece. When both June and Eden are recovering in the hospital, the Colonies realize the surrender was faked and attack the Republic. One of June’s brother’s murderers, Commander Jameson, escaped from jail and was helping the Colonies and tries to kill Day. She shoots him once, but June is able to take her down. Day is rushed to the hospital, where June is told that they must transport Day and Eden elsewhere, Day to cure him and Eden for education. June lets them go, and the characters separate with Day suffering amnesia. Ten years later, June is walking down the street when she notices a headline that states Day and Eden are back. She stumbles across Day, and he slightly remembers June but wants to start fresh. We end with this dialogue:

“Hi,” he says. “I’m Daniel.”
“Hi,” I reply. “I’m June.”




On another note, I have now fully casted the characters (Yes I’m a dork, just go with it..)

Day: Eric Christian Olsen


June: Daniela Ruah


Anden: Chris O’Donnell

Pascao: LL Cool J

Tess: Renee Felice Smith


Eden: Barrett Foa

All and all, I LOVED CHAMPION!! This was the best conclusion to a series that I have ever read and this definitely would be something to reread for the rest of my life!


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